1000 tickets !!

Dear friends, did you hear the news? There are only 1000 tickets available for your favourite festival!

If you are still in dilemma, where to buy your tickets, we can help you out a bit; as all previous years, also this year there are some bands, that will be playing on the festival, selling tickets as well. Here is a list of them. Feel free to contact them and get your ticket!


  • EBONY ARCHWAYS: christian.forjan@kleinezeitung.at, Austria
  • SOBER ASSAULT: david.vodopivec1@gmail.com, Slovenia
  • SASQUATCH: bimmon666@gmail.com, Germany
  • VEXOVOID: Ebooz@hotmail.it, Italy
  • CARNAGE CALLIGRAPHY: carnage.calligraphy@gmail.com, Germany
  • SLEEPERS’ GUILT: schaulp@pt.lu, Luxembourg
  • PAIN IS: JeromeW@gmx.at, Austria
  • MYRIAD LIGHTS: myriadlightsband@gmail.com, Italy
  • TYRMFAR: Booking@tyrmfar.com, Switzerland
  • FRACTAL UNIVERSE: fractaluniverseband@gmail.com, France
  • NOVACROW: novacrowband@gmail.com, UK
  • TURBOWARRIOR OF STEEL: turbowarriorofsteel@gmail.com, Belgium
  • BLOOD AGES: blood.ages@gmail.com, France
  • STORTREGN: info@stortregn.com, Switzerland
  • CARRION: info.carrionbe@gmail.com, Belgium
  • AMORGEN: contact.amorgen@gmail.com, Holland
  • VASECTOMY: vasectomyofficial@gmail.com, Slovenia
  • FALLEN TYRANT: mithras_s_i@gmx.de, Germany
  • FIR BOLG: fir-bolg@neuf.fr, France
  • IMMORGON: immorgon.band@gmail.com, Spain
  • MOROS: sebastian.mischitz@hotmail.com, Austria
  • INFECTED CHAOS: infected-chaos@gmx.at, Austria
  • OMOPHAGIA: omophagia@gmx.ch, Switzerland
  • BURN FUSE: burn.fuse@gmail.com, Slovenia
  • FIRTAN: firtanofficial@gmail.com, Germany
  • OVERTURES: michele@overtures.it, Italy
  • BATTLESWORD: axel.74@gmx.net, Germany
  • SELFMACHINE: peter@pimp-it.nl, Holland
  • MORYWA, Slovenia