GRAVE Out of Respect for the Dead

graveoutofrespectforthedeadSome bands just won’t let you down. Even though they could change a few details here and there just to keep things interesting you simply can’t count on them, you know that they would not completely alter their musical course or pull out Load on you and that’s why you love them eternally. Such is the case with Swedish death mongers Grave and their 11th studio album entitled Out Of Respect For The Dead proves that fact once again. Before listening to this new platter of splatter you can tell that Out Of Respect For The Dead will be another slab of Swedeath in the way Grave among others helped establishing back in the day, but there are some slight nuances I was talking before that will keep you on your toes or maybe will even surprise you. The opener Mass Grave Mass will tell you immediately that Grave are bit more pissed off this time around – the drum rhythms are not venturing into blastbeats’ territory but rather are in their standard D-beat manner but guitar riffs are busier and one can note larger presence of thrash metal in them. In all the fast songs on the album one can easily hear large doses of vintage Slayer and Sodom, both in said riffs and guitar cacophonous solos which are dead ringer for Kerry King’s old whammy bar abuse. On the other hand, you will also get to hear a couple of doomy slow songs that Grave learned how to perfect in the later phase of their career such as Plain Pine Box or monstous 10 minute closer Grotesque Glory which just maul you into the nothingness with its funereal atmosphere. But after all these nuances are subtle and Out Of Respect For The Dead is Grave we all know and love, standard Swedish death metal machinery doing what it does the best. This album is maybe not another Into The Grave or You’ll Never See.. but Grave has stayed on the frontline without any distaction and I guess that matters the most. Check out this album and try to get limited edition as features whole magnificent 2013’s EP Morbid Ascent as a bonus.

  • Century Media Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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