1446637389_draconian-sovranThis year has been very good for doom metal as genre giants such as Shape of Despair, Ahab, My Dying Bribe and Skepticism have all released very good album, and Autumn will for sure be painted in those colors by upcoming triple album by Swallow the Sun and Draconian’s new offering entitled Sovran. Four years after A Rose for the Apocalypse Draconian is back with their 5th full length (6th if we count in The Burning Halo compilation) and Sovran was expected by fans with bated breath for various reasons, one of them being the huge change in line up. You all probably know by now that Lisa Johansson, trademark female vocal, has left the band back in 2011 and Draconian has announced Heike Langhans as the new singer back in 2012; we have seen various live Youtube clips but after all we all wanted to hear how does Heike manages to fit in actual band’s music in studio conditions. Finally Sovran is in front of me and I am happy to say that besides line up change Draconian has stayed its morose self we all grew to love over the years. You will notice slight changes on the album, like for example in the opening track Heavy Lies The Crown which is a bit downtuned in riffing department, thus sounding a bit more modern than we got used from Draconian; you will get to hear similar moments throughout the course of Sovran but the very core of the music has stayed the same. Sovran is basically melodic doom metal with subtle touches of gothic and death metal used to spice up a things so you do not have to worry about that, but I can hear you asking loud… What about Heike? Well, I can say that I dig her delivery – it was wise from the band not to look for someone similar to Lisa but instead find someone with own delivery which Heike has in spades. I do not know if I am right but Heike’s color of the voice reminds me a great deal of Sharon from Within Temptation, just that Heike nutrures much darker approach but their voices do sound similar and I can’t help myself but saying that. Add to everything great cover art done by Costin Chioreanu which transfer the vibe of Sovran perfectly and there you have one more magnificent album in Draconian’s discography. Prepare yourselves for the upcoming autumn and Sovran as those two walk hand in hand and will mark the end of 2015 without a doubt!

  • Napalm Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8,5)

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