Stormspell Records 10th Anniversaty Tribute


A Decade of Might and Magic, an album to commemorate the label’s first decade of aggression is coming out soon. Featuring a 5-track mini-tribute to King Diamond by the mysterious Prince Emerald, among others

01. PRINCE EMERALD – Sleepless Nights (K.Diamond)
02. PRINCE EMERALD – Mansion in Darkness (K.Diamond)
03. PRINCE EMERALD – Eye of the Witch (K.Diamond)
04. PRINCE EMERALD – Amon Belongs to Them (K.Diamond)
05. PRINCE EMERALD – Behind These Walls (K.Diamond)
06. BREITENHOLD – Last Before the Storm (Gamma Ray)
07. CLAYMOREAN – Blood of My Enemies (Manowar)
08. ROCKA ROLLAS – Mirror Mirror (Feat. Philip Forsell) (B.Guardian)
09. MASQUERAGE – Rats in the Attic (Stormwitch)
10. BLAZON STONE – Masquerade (Running Wild)
11. NUMENOR – Valhalla (Blind Guardian)
12. CLOVEN ALTAR – Eye of the Storm (Stormwitch)
13. ROADHOG – Fight the Oppression (Running Wild)
14. HELD UNDER – Valhalla (Crimson Glory)
15. HYPERTENSION – Iron Hammer (Razor)

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