MANEGARM Age of the Wolf

Manegarm has just issued their 8th full-length for Napalm Records. They have also just finished successful tour with Ereb Altor so definitely we’re witnessing the best era when it comes to Manegarm’s history…


Hello there! You are right now on the tour with Ereb Altor so tell us something about the touring days. Are you satisfied how the tour has went? 

Actually we finished the tour last Saturday so we have been home for a couple of days now. We played 10 gigs in Europe together with Ereb Altor and Skyforger and it was a great tour. We had so much fun and all gigs went great. We know both bands from earlier tours and festivals; really nice guys and really easy to work with.

As a matter of fact you have a new record out for some time self titled album so tell us something about the newer record? Could you present it from your point of view? 

This is the 2nd album for Napalm Records. We signed on to NR in 2012 and released Legion of the North in 2013. Our idea with this new album “Månegarm” was to make a diverse album that captured the whole Månegarm concept/spirit in a good way, at least the most of it. It ain’t that easy to do when you have been playing and recording songs for 20 years but I’m very happy with this album; I think that all songs have a great vibe to it and have something special to offer the listener.

Some have claimed that you have changed little style when it comes to newer material so tell us your opinion? 

Maybe we have but it has all come natural, nothing done on purpose really. We have been playing for 20 years and I really think that you can hear that it’s Månegarm you’re listening to when you put on one of our albums, even the newer ones. Even if we have changed a bit during the years I don’t see something wrong with that. In fact; I don’t think you can stay the same year after year. You get influences all the time and that will have an impact on you own music whether you want it or not.

This is your 8th album in discography so how do you feel about the fact that you are already around 20 years at the scene?

It feels great!! 20 years is a long time and I’m really proud that we’re still in the game and still create good music.

Manegarm has finally sign a deal for Napalm Records and you debut video for the latest releases is already quite a popular. So, what could you have to add about your new record company?

Well…not really a new company since we signed a deal in 2012…;) But Napalm Records is a very solid, serious and good record label and our collaboration has been great so far.

You are right now on tour but do you plan to have some more tour dates soon, or are there any festivals in plan right now?

No more tour plans right now but some festivals for sure. In June we’ll play at Metallsvenskan in Sweden. In July we have festivals in Hungary, Germany and France and in September we will play in the U.K for the first time and that will be cool. 

What was the most important moment in Manegarm’s history since you have released thus far 8 full-length records? 

Oh, that’s hard to say…I can’t pick out a certain moment actually. It has been a great ride so far and we have done many cool and fun things but I can’t say that one thing has been more important that another.

Manegarm is already well known with the work with Kris Verwimp so could you tell us something about the working with him? 

Kris has painted nearly all of our album covers and he has always done a fantastic job. Often we come up with the ideas for the cover which we tell Kris. Then he creates the most amazing cover out of our visions and the results speaks for itself I think.

And for the end of the chat please could you tell us something about the meaning of the word Manegarm? Why did you choose to name the band Manegarm? 

Månegarm is the name of a big wolf that lived from the blood of dying men and swallowed the moon during Ragnaroek. The name is taken from the Norse mythology. We had another name the first 1-2 months but changed the name to Månegarm since we thought that it was more fitting. I mean, our lyrics deals with the Norse mythology so why don’t have a name that goes along with that theme.

  • Answers by Erik
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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