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PATHFINDER has just released their 2nd effort ”Fifth Element”. The band is coming from Poland and they’re performing symphonic power metal. With their debut release ”Beyond the Space Beyond the Time” they have reach many lovers of melodic metal, but, yet they have to proved themselves with a new one. ”Fifth Element” is the 2nd chapter of their story and it continues the tale from their debut record. Those adorers of Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian and bands alike should surly love Pathfinder and their music!

Hi my friends!


I would like to give you my compliments for your new album! ”Fifth Elements” sounds amazing, thanks for a marvelous issue! I will definitely enjoy in this one during the summer days!

Hello to all! We are all very glad, that you like it. We spent o lot of our time in recording studio and we give as much our energy as we could to do this album. Our first LP ”BTSBTT” was very high rated album in metal world. We had to push ourselves and do not disappoint our fans, by creating so good album as the first one…or even better than it! Hope the summer will be better for all, by this new power metal release!

As a matter of fact ”Fifth Element” is your new issue, the second one, so please could you present it to our readers of Metal Sound though your own point of view?
Our second album is the new development of the old power metal style, which was already presented on our first LP. We improved the sound and the music structures just to give our fans new album which is better produced, faster, more aggressive and more unique than any other power metal bands releases in the world. If you are looking for some ”fresh power metal air” and you are a little bit bored of the traditional power metal, come and check out the Pathfinder album. Is that a good advertisement? (he, he, he)

Could you compare your debut issue ”Beyond the Space beyond the Time” and the new album? I notice that there are lots of links but also there are some differences as well.
That`s right. We are the band who`s looking for new challenges, and all the time we are trying to bring some new, cool stuff into our music. The biggest difference, in my opinion, is the drumming style of our new drummer Kacper. You can fell that the new album is more dynamic, faster and more aggressive about the drumming. The vocal parts are also varied. In many places I used the “black metal” screams. I think that the main point about new CD`s of the band is to make surprise to the fans and also be surprised to yourself. What kind of challenge is to record all the time the same albums? I think, that by our second LP we showed all our fans that we are the same power metal band as it was on “BTSBTT” album , but we are not afraid of doing some more experimental stuff. That`s the way it should be…Am I right?

How would you like to label and describe the style of Pathfinder? I noticed in your music many influences coming from symphonic metal to black metal? If I say that there are strong musical links between Rhapsody and Pathfinder would you then agrees with me?
As the band members we are all influenced by different styles. We are all a big fans of different kind of music. That’s one of the reasons we are playing in a BAND, not in a solo project of somebody. The main point about Pathfinder band was to play a symphonic power metal style combined with fast as hell guitars, extreme drums, and various vocals. I would be a liar, if I would say that we do not know what the ”Rhapsody (of fire)” is. We are a big fans of that kind of music, and in the past most of us was listening to the bands like Gamma Ray, Lost Horizon, Rhapsody, Dragonforce and others. There is a lot of good melodic power metal bands all around the world. The whole concept was to play influenced music, but not to make another copy of any band which influenced us in the past.

What could you tell us about the lyrical concept story when it comes to ”Fifth Element”? Is the first two albums link lyrically in one way or another?
”Fifth Element” album is a concept album about strength and believe in yourself. The titled ”element” is a strange force which is pushing you forward, every day to do the things which you like to. The unknown fifth element of ourselves. By our music we would like to give a strength to our fans and show them that everything is possible. If you really want it… If your ”fifth element” is inside of you. Believe me, that playing in a band is not only a nice things. It`s not only a playing gigs, giving interviews and keeping in touch with the fans. It`s ”every day struggle” with our full-time

I always adore your visual concepts and the cover artworks for the albums? So who has done the cover artwork this time and what is the story behind?
The painting was done by Felipe Machado Franco exclusively for Pathfinder. We’ve always admired his work as the fans in the past. The whole graphic design and cover planning of the CD was made by our second guitar player Gunsen. He`s the main Pathfinder graphic worker and he`s doing also a very good job when it comes to facebook layouts or our official website. The layout of our new CD is ”connected” in specific way with the first LP. You can see the same ”masked” person. I should tell exactly what the idea was about, cause we are giving a free way of interpretation it to our fans. Graphic cover is also an art and it’s making the complete unity with music on the CD.

You are also very active when it comes to doing the covers from various popular bands and songs. Could you present the cover songs that you’ve done so far? Your covers are indeed attractive in one way or another.
Yes. That’s true. By recording songs of different artists we are showing what kind of music we are listening to. That’s also giving us an opportunity to show other music to people who are listening to Pathfinder`s power metal. We made o couple of covers already, some of them are not released, some of them are only on some versions of our CD (Japan bonus track’s) . So far we have done Mike Oldfield`s ”Moonlight Shadow” which is our the most ”known” cover by the fans. On our first CD you can find also song ”Forever young” by band called Alphaville. ”Fifth element” gives you a two cover songs: ”Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea” and also ”If I could turn back time” by pop singer ”Cher”. Some of the people might be disappointed about our choices, but what kind of art is to make a metal song into a metal song? Try to do that with pop or disco music….that’s making a big deal to the band. We are not trying to take that kind of covers much seriously. It’s just a bonus track and it supposed to show possibilities of the band and their wide spectrum of possibilities.

What can you tell us about your upcoming tour days? So far, as far as I have noticed you have done only some single/festival shows…are you preparing tone bigger tour? How the people react when you play live?
The best promotion of the album these days is to play live and show your music to as many people as it’s possible. The band has been invited for couple of summer festivals which are headlined by big starts. That is a big honour for us as a band, that we can play on the same stages with Rhapsody of Fire, Accept or Arch Enemy. If there is only possibility to play anywhere, we are trying to push it forward and get our job done in best possible way. We are working on tour with a big headliner but I don’t want to tell about it right now. Hopefully our band will be able to play with a big headliner soon. And people??? I think that`s always a big surprise for a people to see the band live. Listening to a CD is a little bit different activity, then to see and listen to the band at the same time. I hope that people like our live shows….you should ask them (he, he, he)

You have done already one video clip for the track from your previous issue. Video ”The Lord of Wolves” was indeed a cool one. So, do you prepare a new video for the new album and how did you film the first video?
What can I say about new video clip is that it will be soon finished, hopefully. We are also working on something big, as it was with ”Lord of the Wolves” video clip. We are not trying to rush about it. As you can see on the YouTube, there is a many people who saw our first video so we would like to prepare also a nice and good second one. I don’t want to tell to which song we are preparing video cause it will be surprise for our fans and listeners. What you can expect is a lot of epic power metal, nice chicks and full professionalism. We know how important is a view of the band. That’s the reason we are doing the clips. It`s a possibility to show the band from different side.

As a matter of fact, you like to mix the two types of vocals regular power metal vocals and black metal screamers. Will you continue to record in this way?
Good question. I do not know, to be honest. I like to use my voice in 100 %. As I said, we are looking for some fresh air in power metal genre. I think that that kind of vocals are bringing some new original stuff to our music, and not many bands are using that kind of techniques at the same time. I can hear that some people like this ”crazy stuff” but we are also getting some requests about ”not doing it cause it sucks” (he, he, he). As I said before we are looking for some cool stuff, and we need to record that to see was it good or not. It all depends on the future tracks. If we’ll realize that specific track need some”more dirt” we`ll put blasts and black metal vocals into it. That’s the way it works. We are forcing ourselves for anything. I we like it – then we’re recording it.

Since Pathfinder usually has some long songs (average time is between 7-8 minutes) is it hard compose such a long and complex tracks since your style is indeed dynamic one?
I am not the main composer in the band. 90 % of composers work is done by Arkhain and Maniac (bass and guitar player), and as far as I know they like working together in way of exchanging the ideas. I don’t think they are struggling with lack of ideas. I am quested sure that they would like to record 20 minutes tracks but then it would be almost impossible to play it live. Please remember, that we are only human beings, and it’s hard to play full gig which is made from 7-8 minutes track, sing it all the time, head-bang, and keep on rocking with a crowd. We need also look at it from different view.

You are not on Sonic Attack so what can you tell us about your new company? Are you satisfied by their work so far?
It’s hard to say anything about our cooperation right now. New album has been released couple of weeks ago, se we are still waiting for the responses from the radio, rock zines and metal websites. Together we are still trying to find a way to put the band on some big tour with a famous band (I cannot tell more!). I will be able to tell some more after the couple of months.

I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best until next time. I hope that I will see you soon on the tour!
Thank you very much for the interview. I hope you like it all! I hope also that the new album is even better then the first one and I hope to see as many our fans as it`s possible on future tours. Keep on rockin and support metal world! Cheers!

  • Answers by Simon Kostro
    Interview was done by Marko Miranovic

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