DARK SUNS Everchild

572449Five years after the critically acclaimed album Orange, German art rock collective Dark Suns are back with their fifth full length entitled Everchild which continues their road of musical exploration and in the same time shows the artistic vastness of Prophecy Productions. Dark Suns are without a doubt one of the most progressive bands on this label but with their vibe they fit very nicely with the overall aesthetics of the other bands that can be heard through Prophecy. Everchild is sort of a concept album where Dark Suns are dealing with escapist thoughts about childhood obtained through mediums like dreams and nostalgic mind patterns, which is surely one vast theme that gives much space for musical exploration. Dark Suns are currently eight piece band where brass section is equal part of the line up so it is instantly clear to you that there are no holds barred when it comes to musical direction of Everchild. The theme of the album is very calm in its core so the music follows suit, one can hear outburst of heaviness here and there but overall music soundscape is introvert if I can say so. Dark Suns are intricately weaving their musical web around the listener, the arrangements are elegant but trained ear can hear palette of small details which shows the great skill of the musicians if you are into that sort of thing. But overall I think that this album is not about the musical prowess but rather the final outcome of unified vibe which one can easily hear if you give enough time to the album to grow inside of you. I think that it is great that some even pop like melodies can be heard, they will instantly get in your ear so you will explore the album further and find all the richness conceived within. Everchild is the album that will go well with crowd into the recent works of Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree in general, Anathema (even if it is more prog) or Riverside so if you are into that kind of music, make sure to check out this album and the band in general.

  • Zvonko Savic (8)
  • Propchey Prodaction CD

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