IRON SAVIOR Titancraft

566849Titiancraft and Rise of the Hero (2014) stand as a sequel to The Landing (2011) which is, thus far, the best record from Iron Savior’s comeback era. Their brand new effort Titiancraft is better than Rise of the Hero, but, yet, again, its behind The Landing, both musically and creative-wise.

Titancraft stands where The Landing has ended. Everything is, more or less, the same from well-polished, high-top production to Piet’s well-known song-writing. Even the furious intro invokes the very same atmosphere from The Landing times. There are some good moments and songs, but when I have in mind that Iron Savior has delivered back then such a marvelous issues as their debut full-length or mighty Unification (1999) it becomes harder to take any new step or to absorb any new songs or albums. Few songs like Beyond the Horizons or Titiancraft have the atmosphere and the right vibe, but also many more are just too usual and predictable songs, without any refreshment or newer creativity. The problem’s that Piet and co. should try something new and fresh, to add something different, but also to preserve the old. I am quite aware that it will be hard job, but its better to have one awesome record in 5 years than to have them more, but less remarkable.

Nevertheless, fans of the band will surly dig some good moments when it comes to Titancraft. The album is not bad at all, but the problem is that it was released and recorded five years after The Landing, and it seems it will become even harder, as the time flows, to catch the right vibes. However, one thing is sure right now, The Landing has become one of the most important albums in Savior’s discography!

  • AFM Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (7,5)

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