RHAPSODY OF FIRE Into the Legend

549462Into the Legend brings something very fresh and new-like to Rhapsody of Fire’s style. I have to admit that their newer record sounds much better and more interesting comparing to Luca’s latest material (although that Luca and his companions  sounds quite better live, on stage).

Into the Legend stands closer to earlier Rhapsody’s works such as Dawn of Victory 1999 or debut album Legendary Tales 1997. Most of the songs has this dream-like atmosphere and there are many tracks which are indeed long just like a closing one. Those longer songs has quite complex song- writing and, indeed, most of the record stands as a very complex piece of work. Once again Alex has proved himself on keyboards and orchestrations while Fabio has done some amazing stuff on vocals. If you like fantasy and symphonic stuff, then their newer effort is a right solution. Call it however you like but brand new Rhapsody of Fire sounds, in the same time, very powerful and symphonic. Some of the songs are more direct like the title track but also there are several tracks with more complex themes so in a way one could find some links between a new one and Symphony of the Enchanted Land Part I 1999.

Into the Legends sounds much more powerful comparing to their previous record Dark Wings of Steel, although I also like the previous album as well. The production is better and most of the songs are more complex and aggressive so to say. Observing from here I think that this is their best effort since The Frozen Tears of Angels (2010) and I also think that Into the Legend could stand hand in hand with some of their cult and legendary records. I am quite sure that most of their fans would find this good-old vibe within their latest record. Strongly recommanded.

  • AFM Records CD
  • Marko Miranović (9)

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