572384When it comes to The Vision Bleak everything was quite clear from the very start: it would be something more than a side-project coming from Empyrium’s mastermind Mr.Schwadorf. It was never a secret that I have been quite a fan and follower of Empyrium throughout all these days, so I was keeping one eye opened always for The Vision Bleak, too. More or less, TVB has always delivered some good efforts, but Carpathia, their second full-length, has stayed at the top of band’s career.

As a matter of fact, TVB’s brand new issue is a different piece of work comparing to their latest materials. Its much darker and Gothic (old-fashioned) influenced stuff with some good-old vibes coming from Sisters of Mercy and alike. There are also some hard riffing out there and a grimmer atmosphere more based this time on guitars like never before. One could note that The Unknown is not a typical TVB issue and I could share this onion, but also, keep in mind, that there are still many moments that are linking new with older stuff. Most of the songs are catchy, but also some hard riffing gives much darker ambient as well.

For my personal taste, a new record is slightly better than previous issues, more coherent. The Unknown is not the best record that Mr.Schwadorf has ever delivered with The Vision Bleak, but it owns some cool and remarkable tracks. Now, bring forth new Empyrium, its time!

  • Prophecy Productions CD
  • Marko Miranovic (7,5)

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