DESASTER Conquering the Ritual

German thrash/black metal kings Desaster have unleashed their 8th studio album called The Oath of an Iron Ritual this year where they have proven once again that they will never abandon their style for anything in the world.

Desaster1 by Thorsten Fiolka

Hello Desaster and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you doing these days?

I feel fine as always, but I think there will be hard days for Europe and Germany in the next months.

First I would like to congratulate you on your new album The Oath of an Iron Ritual, after all these years you guys are still sticking to your true values! How are you satisfied with the album now that it is released?

Thank you very much for this compliment. This is not a job, we love the shit we do, so we are satisfied and we are a little proud on the new album.

A few months have passed since the release of the album so you must have heard the reactions of bangers and media, how was the album received?

Nearly all people like the album. Ok, it’s not important to win the sound check of the music magazines. But it’s very important that the fans are happy with the result. And those whom I spoke in the last months told me that they love this album. I hope they don’t lie to me. Hahahaha…

Can you please try and position The Oath of an Iron Ritual in your discography, with which older Desaster albums would you compare it?

I can’t compare it to an old album of us. For me there is a special vibe within every release we have done. Sorry for that, this one is unique I think…hahahaha…

I feel that the sound of The Oath of an Iron Ritual is slightly cleaner than its predecessor but without sacrificing the metal spirit. How would you comment upon the sound of the album?

You are right man. I think it catches the live sound we had on stage. Maybe it was a good thing to record it at our rehearsal room.

What exactly means The Oath of an Iron Ritual? What are the main themes featured on the album?

Religion, Romans, some historical themes, the endless stupidity of humanity. I normal listen to the demo version of the song, till there is a picture and a story in my mind. Nothing special, maybe a kind of brainstorming…

You have been with Metal Blade for years now, how are you satisfied with the cooperation since you are truly underground band?

We are happy, we don’t want to reach world domination or something else. We are happy to do the music we want, and we are able to travel around. Almost perfect.

Speaking of which, we all can see the return of vinyl and older styled production values in metal for example, how do you perceive this situation?

Oh yes, of course I love vinyl, but I still like CD’s. But I’m not willing to pay 25 € for a vinyl release if I only pay 12 € for the CD. So I don’t like those businessmen outside who fill the pockets with the money of the people who love music. Fuck them!

Front cover for The Oath of an Iron Ritual is a kind of novelty in Desaster since you are not using cover drawn specifically for you here. Can you please try and describe the meaning of cover.

I think the painting fits the album title very well. This time we didn’t find a person who was able to deliver the artwork for that title. So, we need to take this old painting, and I’m very happy with that motive.

Nowadays one can find oversaturation of metal scene where everyone can expose their band to larger masses, how do you deal with this situation and what is your opinion about social media?

I don’t like social media. I don’t have and never use Facebook or something like that. I prefer to speak to people personally! The internet is great to get news and information. But nowadays everybody is addicted to the shit.

You have played some cool festivals this year already, like f.ex. Brofest and Maryland Deathfest. Can you tell us how did it pass?

Brofest was pretty cool, instead of the food we got in Newcastle. I think the people where happy to see a more extreme band on the billing. We have good reactions from the audience that day.

The Deathfest was a part of our 4 gig trip to the US this year. It was hard, without sleep, but we had fun as well. Especially when we meet our friends from NOCTURNAL GRAVES at Maryland Deathfest.

Can you try and list us some of your favorite newer metal album? Also what do you think about the huge new bands like Ghost and never-ending return of old legends like f.ex Denner and Shermann?

I like Endless Pilgrimage from GRAVE MIASMA, Vermis from ULCERATE, Frontschwein from MARDUK is also a killer. Ohh, and FATES WARNING’s Theories of flight…DEAD CONGREGATION…ASCENSION…THE RUINS OF BEVERAST…NECROS CHRISTOS…VEKTOR…DEGIAL…I’m in the scene…mostly the extreme stuff, but I still buy a lot of records and cd’s.

I don’t like the returns of so called legends! I got the mini album of Denner and Shermann…it’s ok, but far away nothing special…

Ghost is a good band…not brilliant, not shitty…hahahahaha

What lies in the near future for Deaster, are some gigs and tours already planned? You have played in Serbia three times, can we expect you soon?

Right now (End of July) we have band vacation. The next gig will be in Valencia in October. Then we do a gig in Switzerland in November and the last gig is on sylvesters edge near Koblenz, our hometown.

We played a lot in the beginning of 2016…so we need some rest…hahahaha

That would be all for this time, I would like to thank you for this conversation and wish you all the best! Your last words…

We enjoyed our trips to Serbia some years ago. And it would be fine to come back in the next years.

Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic

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