During the second day of Summer Breeze 2016 we met with guys from Moonsorrow (Ville and Mitja) in order to have one interview and chat about their brand new full-length Jumalter Aika which turned out to be one of the best records in 2016 by opinion of Metal Sound’s redaction. Since Moonsorrow has made a great comeback at the scene with their newer effort, and since they moved on a new label  (Century Media), we’ve talking mainly about their new full-length, filming of video clip, their upcoming plans and some other things that follow the band as well.   


As a matter of fact, Moonsorrow’s brand new issue Jumalten Aika has this rawer sound closer to your record Varisakket released 10 years ago…

Mitja Harvilahti: The roots are in early 90s, within black metal scene, when we were growing up, by discovering it. This time we had a chance to explore the sounds and we also quite a lot explored the song writing as well. This was something different for us because we been doing the same formulas for quite a while. So, this time we re-newel the whole song writing method and that was the most difficult part as well.

Ville Sorvalli: I guess that the initial approach that we wanted to have with this album was that we wanted to have some more live friendly songs. shorter and catchier songs that we could easily play live, because this has not happened.  I guess that we have all agreed that we would like to have rawer sounds so that we want to explore more black metal roots. That’s basically everything what we have decided before we have started to write a new material and then the things has just started to happened.

Time distance between your albums is like 5 years. Why did you took so long to record a new album? Was there any special reason for it?

Mitja Harvilahti: There was little bite of everything: some family reason mainly. Actually the problem was with our main song-writer, Henri Sorvalli, who also writes the music for Finntroll as well . Before, it was like he was writing the music one year for Finntroll and the other for Moonsorrow so we have constantly delivered the albums, but now he got first one child, so there was a little break, than he got the another one so there was one more year of break. And, when we started to write a new songs it was not as we thought it would be. So, at the end we finished with five years between our albums.

Talking about black metal influnces…

Mitja Harvilahti: I think that it sounds that we have returned even more deeper in the past. I also think that the influences on this record are way to obvious. I mean, we all in Moonsorrow like different sorts o music but we all agree when it comes to black metal. All the members in the band like black metal bands from Norway, from ’90s. We were influenced by diffrent bands but I think that it’s too obvious which these bands and albums are, we were influnced by some of their records that today they don’t even like.


For the filming of your debut video you were in Belgrade and you have done it with I-code. So, how do you like the video and how do you like Belgrade?

Ville Sorvalli: We were thinking about the first video, and also the label asked for it so we decided to record one video. Yes, we are very satisfied with the video and the final result. I was the only member who was in Belgrade. unfortunately, I was not able to walk though the city this day since we were quite busy filming the video and material but I would like to visit it one day.

As a matter of fact Moonsorrow is now at Century Media so how did it happened that you have changed the labels from Spinefarm to CM?

Mitja Harvilahti: It was actually few years ago. They wanted Moonsoorow to sign a contract with them but, we need to introduce them how this band works. So, we were asking them do you really know how this band works, do you really want to sign Moonsorrow for Century Media.  And, since they said that they really wanted to sign the band for them we have agreed.

Are there any plans for the forthcoming European tour in 2016?

Mitja Harvilahti: Yes, we have already released our touring dates for the most of European countries for 2016. We will make a tour this year with Korpiklaani. I know that for some of you it could sound little weird or strange since our music is quite different, but I think that we are the same coin just with the diffrent sides. We are like darker side of the same thing, while they are brighter. So, I think that at the end this mixture between our two bands will really work. I am quite sure about that actually.

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic, August 2016

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