DARK FOREST Beyond the Veil

8032622210798-500x500Beyond the Veil is 4th full-length is the discography of UK-based Dark Forest. I was not so familiar with their music, but finally I have a chance to check them more closely. I have to admit that their cover got me in their music since it remains a lot on Skyclad’s covers in a way. But, also their music and style has a lot to do with their legendary country-mates Skyclad.

Dark Forest performs something that could be labeled as a traditional heavy metal that meets some folk influences. Since I consider Skycald as one of the best folk metal bands I could also say that Dark Forest has crafted well folk influences, much better than various mainly Finland based bands (excluding Amorphis). To make it clear their style stands somewhere between Skyclad and Iron Maiden. Dark Forest’s songs are mostly written in mid tempo style, riffs remain a lot on good-old Iron Maiden, songs are also longer than usual and folk details are elegantly incorporated. So, at the end we have well-balanced work and it’s not a surprise that there’s lot of talking these days about this UK band. The production is also quite suitable, also somehow remains on Iron Maiden’s records as well.

So, I guess that the followers and lovers of more traditional heavy metal would find that this stuff has a great quality to offer. Everything’s here stands on its place from cover artwork to music. If you are tired of various and hilarious folk metal projects than Dark Forest is the right choice!

  • Marko Miranovic (8)
  • Cruz del Sure Music CD

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