SODOM Decision Day

SodomSome things in life will never change, and it is the same when you translate it into the metal world. While some old bands decide to branch out into some territories unknown (and often stain their legacy in that process), some troops just stubbornly stick to their guns and deliver the goods time and time again. Of course, if you are into the fact that bands should constantly change you will not follow this kind of bands but there are a lot of people who like this in metal. Whether it is good or bad is up to you to decide, and I can safely say that Sodom is one of those core bands. Firing on all cylinders for more than 3 decades, Sodom have not moved from their thrash metal roots one iota but they are trying some new things on their albums just to make the music fresh for them and fans. It is the same situation with their new album called Decision Day which you will get to know from the moment the opening track In Retribution kicks in – this is the same old Sodom we know and love. But as the album progresses you will see some slight nuances interwoven into the music, if you listen to the album carefully. First off, it should be said that the album is slightly darker than a couple of its predecessor and even Tom is using rougher, extreme metal vocals. On the other hand, Bernemann is using some really melodic solos and unexpected solutions in arrangements here and there which results in slightly different feeling of Sodom at the beginning. But when you listen to the album a couple of times, you will understand that Decision Day is classic Sodom offering – it is just slightly altered as I have already said. Add to it the fact that Sodom have worked with Joe Petagno for the cover and knowing that Tom is one of the biggest Motörhead fans on metal scene, it really gives some nice touch to the album. Decision Day will not change Sodom’s career or turn the metal scene upside down, but it feels good to know that the band is still on the front line and that they do not have the slightest intention of moving anywhere.

  • SPV/Steamhammer CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (7,5)

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