VICIOUS RUMORS Concussion Protocol

Vicious Rumors_Concussion Protocol_web37 years into the career and no sign of getting tired for American power metal legends Vicious Rumors as their 12th studio album entitled Concussion Protocol shows with an iron fist! This album tells a tale about the end of the world and for such topic the band has prepared slightly more aggressive album, which I don’t think that any of their fans would mind. This comes as a nice surprise especially after their previous album Electric Punishment which turned out to be a bit average in my opinion. I have called Vicious Rumors power metal but take that term in American kind of way as this troop and Metal Church have defined it decades ago. So no Helloween or Rhapsody clones right here, just hard hitting metal which takes cues both from thrash and heavy metal equally with large doses of melody. As I have already noted, Concussion Protocol is faster than previous album – overall tempo is elevated a bit when it comes to standard Vicious Rumors affairs which is a thing that suits all metalheads just well. Geoff Thorpe and Larry Howe again have some new faces in the band, and the most important is probably the inclusion of yet another new singer. Nick Holleman belongs to a classic school of Vicious Rumors singers, of course everyone will try to compare him to Carl Albert and the man can hold his own both in this department and more aggressive singing, so I think that the band has made a good choice with him. What I also like about Concussion Protocol is the fact that the album will buy your attention with first listening, but the more you listen to it you will find some new details and enjoy more in it. This seems to be the good year for American power metal, as both Metal Church and Vicious Rumors have returned with strikingly good releases. As for Vicious Rumors, Concussion Protocol is a good return to form after slightly weaker number in catalog.

  • SPV/Steamhammer CD
  • Slobodan trifunović (8)

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