THE VISION BLEAK How Deep Lies Tartaros?

The Unknown is the sixth and the lastest full length from The Vision Bleak. Definitely different form the other records that the band has released so far. The Vision Bleak is not Empyrium, but, yet the band has some good moments to offer. I still consider Carpathia as their strongest stronghold.


Could we start the Interview with the first question, obviously about Vision Bleak, you were just going to release a new record out, so could you tell us something more about it, actually new EP, could you present it?

We just released the EP, it’s called „The Kindred of Sunset“. It features four tracks, of which two will be featured on the album. And it’s meant to be kind of a teaser for the album. Which we also sold exclusively on the tour, which we just finished a couple of days ago. And from the album there’s a song „The Kindred of the Sunset“, and there’s a song called „The Whine of the Cemetery Hound” which will also be featured on the album. Then, there’s the cover version of the swedish band Tiamat, their song “The Sleeping Beauty” which was featured on their grandiose album “Clouds”. And there’s the instrumental epic track called “Purification Afterglow”. So, that’s what the EP is all about.

How did you actually get this idea to do a cover version from Tiamat?

It’s because we grew up with the music of Tiamat. We were kind of socialized with the death, black and gothic metal scene of the early 90s and when Tiamat’s “Cloud” got out, it was kind of eye opener. When you experience it, at the time it came out it was really different from anything else, very unique. I was at many Tiamat concerts at the time. And when we thought about doing a cover version, we did it before with …which is another band we really love, we were thinking of Tiamat and it just went very well because, I think The Vision Bleak and Tiamat have in common that both bands have always been kind of, you know, between the genres. Now, we are not a black metal band, we are not a death metal band, but we are no gothic band either. It was kind of same with Tiamat, both bands are unique, and it’s our kind of inspiration. I think we are kind of one of a kind with Tiamat.

Well let’s face the new record when it comes to The Vision Bleak “The Unknows”, so please can you tell us something more about forthcoming record, actually it will be released in the very beginning of June. So, could you present the forecoming album from your point of view?

For us, The Unknown is the most important album we ever did because it’s the new beginning of the vision bleak. You know, with the previous album “Witching Hour” we kind of fulfilled the circle that looked back at the debut album “The Deathship Has A New Captain”. Wiching Hour was kind of tribute to the very beginning and it kind of closed the circle. And now with the Unknown, we knew before, if we want to continue with Vision Bleak we need to change. We are not the band that can do the same record over and over again like, let’s say AC/DC, because we feel like we need to be true to ourselves. So, in that perspective, The Unknown was very challenging to us, because it was a step for us into the unknown, and this is why we have chosen the title before we even started composing.  The title was there because we knew we had to go to the unknown and find new ways of composing new things, for the lyrics as well. What we did is we looked in ourselves, and to the The Unknown. This time is not that much about Horror and Gothic Horror, it’s much more about inner demons in ourselves and what we are as humans. It features nine songs. We were really, really satisfied with the outcome. I really think the new album is very different, and it’s very emotional for us.

You just mentioned some changes that will be characteristic for the forecoming record, The Unknown, but could you tell us something about the musical style, when it comes to new record, will it be much different from previous records?

We think so, yes. For example you have the tracks like the opener, which is called „From Wolf To Peacock“, which is a, kind of a melodic, like death metal song, but with normal vocals. There is much more screaming on the new record, there’s much more lead guitars, lot of sadness and melancholy on the album, and a lot of darkness. Much more metal than it was before, but of course, it still has some trademark characteristics of The Vision Bleak, because, in the end it’s us performing the record. The sound of Konstanz playing drums, Konstanz singing, me playing the guitar, you know, you cannot hide it, and we don’t want to hide it, we just wanted to find a new setting in which we can work. And I think that’s what changed at the new record. There’s much more diversity as well. You got some tracks that feature a lot of acoustic guitar work, that is maybe a little bit like my other band Empyrium. And then you have more doomy stuff, some really fast stuff. So it’s very diverse record, i think you cannot really classify it as one genre, and if you can, you can classify it as The Vision Bleak. It’s very unique.

When we speak about new record also there is a cover artwork already revealed, so could you tell us something more about? It is also different from other album covers, especially when it comes to colors.

Absolutely, it’s done by the old grandmaster Dan Seagrave, who did album covers for many early Scandinavian bands, death metal bands like Entombed. He also did stuff for Morbid Angel, The Altairs Of Madness cover. So, when we were at the completing process of the new album, we really felt like the album has this 90s vibe, of the early 90s music. We thought about Dan Seagrave, that it would be really cool, because with his cover artworks we would kind of connect this early 90s feelings. And so we connected him and he was actually into doing it. It’s a really grandiose I think, with a lot of details. And it’s really like the album, there’s a lot of diversity, and a lot of small details that are really beautiful. We present, obviously, the human figure that is confronted with the unknown and it’s about to step into the unknown.

Definitely, when it comes to style od Vision Bleak, you’re going to be more focused on, so-called 90s, especially early 90s visual and musical style. Also, you were really influenced by the 90s when it comes to The Unknown. So, what can you tell us about it? Is this kind of nostalgic record in a way?

It’s nostalgic, but it doesn’t sound like it’s out of the 90s. It’s kind of tribute to our youth. You know, when you do the first music you write, when you’re young, it’s very 90s, very wild, very emotional. And we wanted to have this element in our new album. When all this music from the 90s came out we were like fourteen years old, that’s where we get the most inspiration from, as musicians, you know. It’s not an album that would sound like it was brought out from the 90s, more like our tribute to the feeling of youth.

Also, when it comes to the Vision Bleak, do you plan to have any concerts, shows, single shows, festival shows or even a tour?

Yes, we have to play on the Hellfest in France, in a month from now. Also, on some smaller festivals in germany. And we also hope on doing another tour on Autumn. Nothing has settled yet, but we really want to do another tour for this album because, like we said it, it really means a lot to us and we really want to promote it as good as possible. Now, we are going to play on a few festivals this summer, and then we hope to come back on tour in Autumn. Maybe a bigger tour, maybe some bigger events, nothing has settled yet, but we will definitely play more shows.

I would like to focus, if it’s ok for you, on your other band, Empyrium, since many fans are actually waiting for some news. So, do you have any news concerning the Empyrium, maybe a new record or something like that?

We are not working on new music right now, but I think we’ll begin writing somewhere in Autumn or at the end of the year. We will play a few shows in August, September, which will be in Turkey and China. This is quite a big thing for the band, because we will be away for some time, and rehearse for all of those shows. As you know, the Emypirium as a live band is very international. It’s always a lot of work to prepare for this shows. So, for Empyrium we just want to finish those shows and then we will probably start composing new material. We don’t actually know which direction it will go. What I can say is that is not going to be this kind of style of music. That’s why we brought out these two songs, to kind of relief, and then start new with a record.

Yes, I understand. Well, I would like to thank you for this interview and I wish you all the best. And for new releases, thank you so much!

Ok, thank you as well. Thank you for the interview and for the support!

  • Answers by Markus Stock Schwadorf
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic
  • Typed by Dark Panic

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