CIRITH UNGOL Paradise Lost

frontHere we have one of the most hotly anticipated re-releases in the realm of true metal world for decades, and I am not exaggerating this. Cirith Ungol is cult metal bend that was active in mainly in eighties but their swansong album entitled Paradise Lost was released in 1991 in time of great turmoil for the band. The work on this concept album was started right after 1986’s One Foot In Hell but the atmosphere in the band’s ranks was not great, to say it mildly. Losing band members and having horrible problems with the label Restless Records caused the group to disband, and even talking bad about this album for years to come. If you want the definitive statement about this situation, you can check out the review on Metal Archives which was written by band’s drummer Robert Garven, the text that is dripping with sorrow and disappointment. Restless even refused to give the rights for re-release to Metal Blade for decades, which left the fans having to resort to shitty bootlegs, expensive first editions or simply MP3 files. But the time has come to end all of this as mighty Metal Blade has obtained the rights to finally re-release this album in proper way, with the blessing of band members who monitored everything in order to finally give the fans proper experience of Paradise Lost. Original songs were newly mastered by Bart Gabriel (Crystal Viper), the album will be done on digi CD and vinyl and the booklet will feature never before seen photos, liner notes and song descriptions and liner notes by band members so you see that everything is taken care of pretty well. When it comes to music, I think that I do not need to waste many words… I can say that I disagree with Robert that Paradise Lost is bad by any means as it feature glorious epic metal of highest ilk with songs such as Join The Legion, title track or The Troll which must get any true metallers heart beating faster. When I read the new band comments, I can feel that even they have come to peace with Paradise Lost and understood the quality concealed within. No more words needed, I think that this text should serve more as an info that this album is finally out, get it without hesitation!

  • Trifunovic Slobodan
  • Metal Blade Records CD

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