heaven-shall-burn-wanderer-coverGerman melodic death metalcore monsters Heaven Shall Burn are back with their 8th studio album entitled Wanderer which simply continues their reign in their field, as simple as that. As opposed to their American counterparts who often dabble in some weak tendencies and commercial leanings, European ilk of metalcore is much more to my liking with Heaven Shall Burn as prime example. Truth be told, Heaven Shall Burn can be called metalcore very vaguely as one can feel tons of metal influences in their sound and they sound very brutal, in totally death metallish way. Wanderer continues this story with some slight twists and turns to sweeten the deal for fans. What is a bit new here is the fact that Heaven Shall Burn have enhanced their purely melodic death metal influences in traditional Swedish way, so one can hear a lot of guitar sections that sound totally like old In Flames or Dark Tranquility throughout the whole album. This is of course mixed with their tradition bulldozing sections so the whole package does not leave standard Heaven Shall Burn territory that much. And just so you don’t think that Heaven Shall Burn has gone all melodic on us, you will be smitten by track Prey To God which features George Corpsegrinder Fisher and sounds like proper Cannibal Corpse track – very brutal! The guest spots are not ending there: Nick Hipa (Wovenwar) has lain solo on Save me and for other two we are entering one more standard Heaven Shall Burn affair. The band has become familiar, among other things, for their impeccable taste and skill for doing the cover songs and Wanderer is no exception. Their national pride band Sodom got their treatment this time around, to be more precise their Agent Orange hymn which features Frank Blackfire on guest guitar spot. The album is closed with very unexpected manner – cover of The Cry of Mankind (of course, you all know that this is My Dying Bride track) which entitles clean vocals of Aðalbjörn Tryggvason (Sólstafir) alongside Marcus and this sounds actually very good. This is not the end of cover tracks as deluxe edition features second CD full of covers, actually we have heard all of those on Heaven Shall Burn’s previous albums but when they are all gathered on one place, it is a good excuse to go through them again and have a great time. All in all, there are no surprises with Wanderer – it threads the same territory but does it in great manner and shows that Heaven Shall Burn will not leave their high position on metal scene anytime soon.

  • Century Media CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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