SACRED STEEL The Gods They Are Worship the Steel!

German true HM ensemble Sacred Steel is about to release their 9th full length aptly titled Heavy Metal Sacrifice which does not change single thing in their craft – it is still purest metal imaginable so take it or leave it. Band’s singer Gerrit P. Mutz is here to answer all our questions…


Greetings Sacred Steel and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?

Hey there! So far so good, I´d say! We have a great time these days…lots of positive response to our new album, lots of coverage in the magazines  as  well as online and tons of good things to look forward to like e.g. our release show next Saturday.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your new album Heavy Metal Sacrifice! How are you satisfied with it from this distance?

Thanks!! We are very satisfied!! It´s total band effort, written all together in the rehearsal room, by blood sweat and beers. To me it´s the most complete Sacred Steel record since 1998 “Wargods of metal”. It just has everything that makes us being this band.

It seems to me that Sacred Steel becomes even more fast and aggressive with the passing of time, and usually bands go the other way. How do you view this statement?

That´s absolutely true!! We never wimped out, we never tried to sell more records by becoming more commercial, we always went the opposite direction: faster, heavier, more aggressive, more in your face.

This is your second album for Cruz Del Sur, so can you tell us how are you satisfied with the work of this cult Italian label are?

We are 100% satisfied with their work so far! It´s the perfect label for a band like us. They have a small roster but they only release bands that they really, really like and want to push.

Sacred Steel is also known for you killer cover songs so can you tell us are there some prepared for Heavy Metal Sacrifice?

Nope, this time we decided not to include any cover song. We just have so many own original songs, now on 9 albums, that it becomes heavy for us to pick a set list anyway. Covering cool songs is fun but we intend to more concentrate on playing our own songs in the future. But we never say never, if we all agree on one cool cover choice and we all want to really do it, then why not?

I am also loving the cover art for Heavy Metal Sacrifice so can you please tell us something about it, who was responsible for it? I guess that you also enjoy hand drawn covers, as it should be with metal…

Thanks! I Love the artwork too. It was done by Lukasz Jaszak. He´s a GENIUS! Yeah, I only like hand drawn covers. I don´t like computer generated stuff that just looks like being done by copy and paste.

Sacred Steel exists for decades and for all this time you have not moved one inch from your beliefs and attitudes, despite all trends that come and go your way. What can you tell us about this ride?

It was a hellride! We were constantly ridiculed, laughed at and spat upon. But hey, if you love and believe in something like we do then you just have to keep going, no matter what others say or do. We had our ups and downs, maybe more downs, but that´s life and that´s metal.  The good things were good enough to keep us going and not throw in the towel.

Next year marks your 20th anniversary, are you preparing something special for this occasion?

We already celebrated our 20th anniversary this July! We are planning to do a great release show celebration next Saturday, October 15th in Ludwigsburg.

I have just seen that you got the front cover of magazine Deaf Forever, very cool indeed! Is metal scene in your homeland and generally Europe moving in better way for true metal?

Seems like, yeah. I was very surprised myself that they decided to feature us on the front page! I am very thankful for this. All hail Deaf Forever!! I just wish that some people will give our album a listen and then maybe see that we are way better than they always thought. Or worse, haha.

Are you perhaps planning to do some promotional tours for Heavy Metal Sacrifice, where can we expect to see you in the next few months?

We can´t do full tours because we all have full day jobs. But, as always, we are trying to play as many shows as possible on the weekends. Next confirmed shows are in Italy, Czech Republic and Austria.

What is the best Sacred Steel album in your opinion, and also what are your hymns – the songs without which you cannot play any gig?

My personal fave album so far was Slaughter Prophecy because it was the heaviest and most adventurous. At the moment, I know it´s boring, I listen to our new album the most.  We can´t play a gig without playing “Wargods of metal” and maybe even “Heavy metal to the end”. Apart from that we have 10-15 songs that are regularly demanded, too.

We all know that you are die hard metal fans but do you also enjoy one more thing that is close to our metal – horror movies? What are your favorite horror movies and also can you recommend to us some new movies that left good impression on you?

I am a big horror movie nerd!! Not as much as in the mid 80´s maybe but still pretty devoted. My fave actor always was Vincent Price and my favorite movies are “The Witchfinder General” and “Theatre Of Blood”.  Also stuff like “The Wicker Man”, “Rosemary´s Baby”, “Night of the living dead”, “Phenomena”, “Dagon”, “The Exorcist”, a lot of Hammer Horror movies as well. Newer movies that I enjoyed were “Insidious” or “The Conjuring”, The Conjuring 2 sucked ass though. What a waste of time at the movie theatre…

That would be all for this time, I would like to thank you for this chat and wish you all the best! Your last message to our fans….

Thank you for this nice interview and the support!! To everybody out there: listen to our new album you might like it really!! It´s metal to the max!!

  • Answers by Gerrit P. Mutz
  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic

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