NUMENOR Sword and Sorcery (Re-issue 2016)

numenor-sword-and-sorcery-2016Here we have the reissue of second album of Númenor, epic extreme power band led by our own editor Despot Marko Miranovic, and this edition is enhanced by some goodies that will come in handy for all true fans of the group. It should be said at the very beginning that Sword and Sorcery was initially released last year through Stormspell Records and it has brought Númenor on new level of success, capitalizing the strength of their debut album 2013’s Colossal Darkness and building upon it. Sword and Sorcery brought the same formula that Númenor founded on their debut but it took it further, making all the elements shine more in the final mix. For those unaware, Númenor plays unique mixture of different metal styles showing clearly the influences of the band’s members but yet still making something of their own. Númenor is epic metal at its core, there are no two ways about it and anyway they were created to channel such tendencies, basing their music on fantasy novels of writers such as Michael Moorcock, J.J.R. Tolkien, Robert E.Howard and HP Lovecraft. Their songs tend to be bombastic and highly endearing but not in some kitchy way – they rather base it on strong use of melodies and clever keyboard work. The proof for my words is the fact that you will not find some overtly huge progressive tracks which last for more than 10 minutes, Númenor’s songs are straight to the point but yet in the same time they engage the listener in their dreamlike world. One can hear dual vocal attack in the songs, with Despot on growls and black metal rasps and Zeljko on clean vocals, with even employing female backing sections when it felt necessary. Music is amalgamation of power and black metal, with heavy and even ambient and little traces of gothic metal added into the mix so the final mixture will for sure appeal to fans of 90’s eras of bands such as Rhapsody, Bal Sagoth, Dimmu Borgir or Blind Guardian. I must note that this edition of Sword and Sorcery was newly remixed and remastered in Paradox studio, bringing the final sound picture even more clarity and a bit bigger kick than first time around. Not that I felt the sound was missing something first time around, but this edition sounds just a little better… We also have some nice bonus material to justify the existence of this edition, namely the five songs for the embryonic phase of this group, even the tracks from the period when they were called Esgaroth. It is good to hear that songs like Monarchy Divine or Once We Were Kings stood the test of time and the new fans can here from where the Numenor sound came from as those old tracks are nowadays hard to find. Guys in Númenor are still restless with recording of their third album Chronicles of the Realms Beyond that is happening right now, their covers of Blind Guardian and Therion are also published recently so something is always happening in their world. If you still have not hear Sword and Sorcery here you have your new chance, with some great bonus material to seal the deal.

  • Stygian Crypt Productions CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan

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