FREEDOM CALL Master Of Light

freedomalbum1Purveyors of happy metal Freedom Call continues their crusade of being the most positive band on power metal scene with their 9th studio album appropriately titled Master Of Light, and that sentence sums up the album very nicely. Freedom Call is still the same themselves so if you heard the band before you know what to expect with Master Of Light. Their metal is like I said happy and uplifting, with choruses tailor made for singing and making you feel jolly and I can say that they guys have really worked hard on choral parts this time as they sound better than ever. The album is opened with new Freedom Call hymn entitled Metal is for Everyone which is another dedication to their fans all around the globe and metal in general, and one can see the video for this track in which the band took the video participation from the people through their Facebook page. Master Of Light continues with classic speedy power metal tracks we came to love from this band, and I can say that they have abandoned tracks like Hero on Video and Rockin’ Radio which featured somewhat different approach in favor of traditional sound. I do not think that any fan will have the problem with this direction, since we all love Freedom Call for this kind of approach, and this album will return you to the era of first three albums which everyone sees as their best material. I can just say that I do not like the cover art very much, it looks really cheesy and sends wrong message about the album… I feel that some epic picture would fit the music better. In times when power metal lost its popularity and even the bigger bands like Kamelot change their core sound in favor of modern approach, it is great to have the band like Freedom Call and albums like Master Of Light to keep the flame burning!

  • SPV / Steamhammer CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)

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