PRIMORDIAL Gods To The Godless

612680Irish pagan metal gods Primordial have always been going against the grain and such is the case with their latest release. When the whole metal world is going crazy about Bandcamp, releasing songs on Youtube etc. Primordial is releasing full-fledged live album just like the band used to do in the days of old. Like the title says, this album was recorded at Bang Your Head festival in Germany last year by pure coincidence. The gig was recorded by the festival organizer, the band listened to the recording and decided that it was good enough to be released and here we have it in front of us. The album is not short considering that it was a festival gig, Primordial headlined the night actually and here we have 11 songs which last for around 80 minutes – more than fair share of Primordial. Setlist resides heavily on the last two albums and I feel a bit sorry thet they didn’t went much further in the past. I am an old fan of the group and I would really like to hear old hymns such as The Burning Season or Graven Idol… but that being said, the album is opened with Gods To The Godless from Spirit The Earth Aflame which is bold move considering that Primordial got their fair share of popularity by signing with Metal Blade. I must say that the album sounds dirty and truly live, one can instantly tell that no studio trickery was involved in making this live album. Primordial as it is live is represented here, led by lion frontman Alan Nemtheanga who gets the crowd going and announces the songs in his standard soulful fashion. For the first live release, we got true representation of Primordial and knowing them it could not have been any other way.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan

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