BLIND GUARDIAN-The Age of ”The Dwarves”

2016-12-01 – THQ Nordic celebrates the release of »The Dwarves« on PC and console with official music video ‘Children Of The Smith’ with members from heavy metal band BLIND GUARDIAN

Celebrate! »The Dwarves« have arrived. The coolest fantasy race of all time finally has their own, great adventure. Heroic dwarf Tungdil – scholar, smith and blessed with a gentle heart – has to gather a group of fellow companions and embark on an epic journey to save Girdlegard (the once peaceful realm of men, elves and dwarves) from all evil.

»The Dwarves« offers massive-scale, tactical battles in real-time and a brand new, physics-based “crowd combat system”, to let players feel the thrill of fighting hundreds of enemies with only a small bunch of heroes. Besides the challenging combat, players can dive into a deep story, based on the best-selling series of novels »The Dwarves« by Markus Heitz.

During its successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, developer KING Art Games allied up with members from the famous German metal band BLIND GUARDIAN, who performed a tremendous song about »The Dwarves«: ‘Children Of The Smith’.

Turn up the volume, listen and watch the official music video right now:https:


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