SIRENIA Dim Days of Dolor

601241There has been lots of talking about the latest offering that has just recently come from Sirenia. One thing is for sure Dim Days of Dolor is yet another step in the creative process of these Norwegians (or is it correct to say that Sirenia only hails from Norway since the last two vocalists come from Spain or France). Like it or not, the new sound is here, alongside with brand new leading vocalist. Actually it’s hard to say that she is a new vocalist since Emmanuelle Zoldan has already appeared in the choir’s part of the band.

So what has changed in the music of Sirenia? The music has become more dynamic, there’s no doubt that Emmanuelle knows how to sing. Some will like Ailyn, some will already adopt to a new singer. It’s always like that. The songs have more or less the same structure as ones before, but there something more modern so to say when it comes to brand new Sirenia’s style. The rochestrations are here, elegant choirs, melancholic atmopshere. As a matter of fact new songs have all this sort of very catch vibe, nice, catchy refrains and epic and classic like moments. All in all, these were all the trademarks of Sirenia since the birth of the band or project. There are lots of very good and remarkable songs on the records from the opening one Goddess of the Seas to the last one. Perhaps The 12th Hour and the Dim Days of Dolor have the most potential and the hits. But, in fact, all the songs has quality to offer, depends of what you would like to hear or your own mood.

I have been admired of Veland’s music since the earliest days spent in Tristania. Dim Days of Dolor is definitely a new approach, but, as alway,s he has the power and quality to offer. If you are a fan of Veland’s work definetely you should dig the latest record, give it a chance at least. From my point of view, this is very recommended!

  • Marko Miranovic (9)
  • Napalm records CD

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