TWILGHT FORCE Heroes of Mighty Magic

586439Twilight Force’s Heroes of Mighty Magic stands as one of the most prominent power metal records when it comes to power metal genre in 2016. At the very first moment, I was little sceptic about this one but, yet at the end of the day, it turned up to be indeed nice piece of work. Perhaps this is not a masterpiece, not even something complete innovative, but I have to say that i like to band’s style and how they have develop the symphonic and fantasy moments in their style. Of course, since they have signed for Nuclear Blast, they have much better position, but I think that they are taking their chance in the best possible way.

Twilight Force’s music stands a mixture of power metal with symphonic touch. Also, the fantasy moment plays a very important role as well. But, in fact, Twilight Force has continued to walk the path where mighty Rhapsody has stopped. So, this is just another fantasy and symphonic level, still very close to Rhapsody and classic power metal in general. Twilight Force’s Heroes of Mighty Magic is different from their debut record since the songs and the album are much longer and more epic so to say. Also, the prodaction-wise the band has added some noticeable changes in their style. This time they have offered fluffiest production so the orchestrations are somehow in the front plan. The most important thing about Twilight Force style is that keyboards and orchestrations play the leading role, while the guitars are little left in the background. Of course, one could enjoy in spectacular solos.

Perhaps Twilight Force’s Heroes of Mighty Magic is the most important record important record in their career. They are already touring a a lot, I am very eager to see them somewhere. I hope that i will also give you one interview with Twilight Force during 2017. If you are open-minded power metal fan, and fan of melodic metal in general, you should give this band a chance. Twilight Force surly have something interesting to offer!

  • Marko Miranovic (8)
  • Nuclear Blast CD

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