CARACH ANGREN An Evening with the Captain of a Deathship

On one cold winter night (10th January 2017 in Budapest) I had a oportunaty to meet with Ardek (Keyboards) and his brother Namtar (drums) and to do one interview where we spoke about latest Carach Angren activities (current tour, latest video, upcoming album plans for 2017)…moreover, we have recalled some old memories back when the band has just started already some ten years ago….


Hello guys, how are you doing? What are you expecting from this show tonight?
Hello, nice to see you again. We’re looking forward to the show once again.

Tell us more about the tour. Is everything going well? And how about the venues?
It’s amazing, we haven’t been in Europe for 4 years now. We’re looking forward to meet new fans, and old fans. We’re very happy to be here again. Good venues, everything superprofessional. We have a big crew with us this time, which has really improved our shows. We also had new releases since the last time we were here.

What can you tell us about the new album This Is No Fairytale? Definitely the sound is a little bit different comparing to other albums, you have brought something new, but there are older elements as well.
The story on this one is superdark. It was a different approach, we are really happy with it. It’s kind of adventurous, because we like to try different things.

The new album is also very complexed comparing to others, since you are a composer when it comes to keyboards.
Also, yeah. Very complexed. Somehow this one came naturally because the story is so dark, you know. I remember I was composing one of the songs, I think it was The Witch Perished In Flames, I was like, there’s got to be something more, but this is what it is, it’s so dark. We’ve actually just finished recording the new album that we’ll release later this year, and it’s completely different again. It has much more melodies again, it’s new but it also comes back a little to the older sound.

1832_artistSo, definitely returning to Lammendam in some way…Yes, definitely. The last one was superdark and supercomplexed as well, catchy and melodic. And this time, we did some really crazy stuff again, the production is really great, we have been working all month. I was so passioned about this one, since I’ve been working on these songs for two years. We listened to the master yesterday, it was amazing. I was so proud.

When it comes to new album, can you tell us something from your point of view? From the drummer point of view?
Yes, it is very different comparing to the other releases. And it’s funny because, on the other albums, we did drums at the very end. Even the vocals were already done, we were doing drums over the vocals. It’s completely different now. We did some really crazy things on the drums. Sometimes when you compose and you start going to the studio things start to go very quickly, and all of a sudden you lose control like: „I should have done this and that…“ but now I think every detail is perfect.

And, now when we talk about the new record, when could we expect it to be released?
Well it always takes some time. I hope to have an official release date in an upcoming weeks.

And, about the latest release, you definitely have the gorelike lyrics in a way, also the cover artwork is very gorelike which is not really common for symphonic and epic black metal bands. What is the story behind?
One day Seregor called me and said: „Yeah I have a story for this one song….“ and he started talking about it and we ended up like, man, this is the whole album (laugh). It was so deep, and so many details, and originally the story was really scary and really brutal. The kids were left in the forest because the parents couldn’t take care of them anymore. There was so much violence in the house so the kids wanted to escape, and they try to escape but they get caught by the violent father again, took back, abused, and at the end they escape. What we did is we took it to even darker and darker, and this story is much more evil in a way.

Since the last time we met here, a lot of thing happened, but some problems just started happening recently, I think it was in your country. Could you tell us something more about that?
At the end of the day, it’s a funny story. We have been touring all over the world, and it’s a privilege. Mexico, China, Dubai, US, Japan….and then you come home one day and it says, christian political party got informed about our performance on christmas eve and they thought we were doing some black magic stuff, I don’t know. Suddenly, my phone starts ringing, national media, newspaper, television, they were all in it. We were like, this is cool, you know (laugh), but this guys were really scared and really angry, and they were asking political questions. We are the most liberal country in the world, we are known for that. We’ve been all over the world, you know, and then in our own country they want to forbid us, after twelve years (laugh). I mean, they could have given us a phone call and say like: „Guys, we are kind of scared, could you explain us…“ or something, but they said things like we are satanic band that inspire terrorist acts. It was insane.


Do you ever recall to Lammendam, now that’s been almost ten years, could you unveil us some moments from your point of view?
Yeah, I was really happy that we were given the opportunity and support to release an album, I am so grateful for that. This was a really special time, we were finally going to have a real release, you know, this was a big step for us, I was really happy, we went to an actual studio. It was very special. Such an amazing time. We took our time to record the album. I’m still proud of that. I wouldn’t change a single thing about that album. None of the albums actually.

And the second album Death Came Through a Phantom Ship was kind of more complexed album for the first time, and you had a tour with Dark Funeral.
Yeah, we really got into this story with traveling and we really took everything to the next level. Still the same team. It was a lot of fun putting ourselves to the cover artwork, making that crazy picture. Supercool.

As a matter of fact, you have a new video, and this time it’s a really professional video. There are some really nice moments, but I see there are a lot of people who were expecting something different. Tell us from your point of view, how did this happened?
I was thinking about the video and for some reason, because from the beginning there is a lot of orchestra, the song is really chaotic. I composed it like this, you hear the domestic violence, things falling through the house, some image I tried to create. For some reason I saw Stravinsky kind of ballet going on, some crazy dancers, abstract dancing. And I knew this guy, I mean, he never did horror or black metal, he did metalcore videos, which was completely not my type of music, but the way he was filming and editing I was like, this is the one. So we got together and we came all over the storyline. And like you’ve said, I knew some people would be provoked, and I don’t care, we always try to do something new.

And for the end of this interview and chat tell us something about the best response and the best shows that you had thus far…

We are actually very popular in South America and Mexico, especially. We have huge following in Mexico where people are very passionate. People out there are complete crazy. And US is complete crazy about us. We have been touring US 3 or 4 times and people are coming to our shows and they are loving every single moment. I mean, Los Angeles almost sold out, twice, its insane, really insane…

  • Answers by Ardek
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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