VIRGIN STEELE Visions of Eden

virginsteele_visions-of-eden_1500x1500Obvious we are writing this review based on a brand new re-release packaged and prepared for us by SPV. The main point here is that the entire record is once more produced or re-mastered so the final product finally has the better production. And, of course, this particular review will be written more based from historical point of view since 11 years has based by since Vision of Eden originally was released.

Visions od Eden was a sort of answer to The Marriage Between Heaven and Hell saga. I guess that after several pompous, colossal and bombastic issues Mr.David DeFreis and co. wanted to returned to more peaceful sounds and tunes where their entire career has started ( I mean here on their career during so-called 90’s). Never the less, Visions of Eden was, more or less, succesful part III of The Marriage Between Heaven and Hell saga. As far as I remember only the true fans of Virgin Steele have embraced this record as a sort the returning style since the production was weak. But, never the less, observing from historical point of angle Visions of Eden was the final step and the last good record coming from Virgin Steele so it has now much more value than before, especially during the time when it was released. It has very bombastic elements, it’s actually quite symphonic and orchestral piece of work. Since the prodaction is improved with this re-release this record now sounds as a sort of the missing jewel. When I was listening it was like I am listening it for the very first time, a kind of re-discovered jewel so to say. It has some more epic moments like the opener Immortal I Stand, but also it owns ballad-like songs like When Dusk Well.

If you are a lover of Virgin Steele, you should definitely need to have Visions of Eden in your CD or LP collection. Perhaps it’s not their best piece of work, but it has sentimental meaning. The album has the ”missing link” feeling and the atmosphere of the final step. Well, from this point of time, it was the beginning of the ned of one time and one epic saga…

  • Marko Miranovic (8,5)
  • SPV/Steamhammer CD

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