STEEL AGGRESSOR Rival of the Fittest

coverSteel Aggressor’s Rival of the Fittest is one of the strongest power metal records that was released during 2016. There’s no doubt that this record could stand hand in hand with the latest efforts released from the leading power metal bands. I guess that, if Rival of the Fittest was released during 90s,it would be definitely much better received from a major media.

Steel Aggressor’s style is placed somewhere between Blind Guardian, Grave Digger and Iced Earth. One could say that the band perform a style which is complete based upon traditional power (and speed) metal coming from USA and Europe in the same time. A sort of mixture between two styles. For example the production is indeed heavy and stong, much stronger than other European bands, but, the style has a sort of European vibe. Never the less, this position and the mixture have influenced that Steel Aggressor’s latest offering sounds indeed interesting with lots of variations. The music of Steel Aggressor is based on strong and aggressive guitar riffing, powerful courses, great vocals abilities (very similar to Matt Barlow ex-Iced Earth). Also, here and there one could hear some acoustic guitar passages and there are some keyboard’s parts added as well. Al in all, we’re facing here one very complex work since each song has lots of variations and interesting details to offer. Inside 34 minutes you will find epic moments and vitality that most of the leading power metal acts today obviously miss. Don’t get me wrong here, but this is far better than the latest offerings that have arrived from Grave Digger or Gamma Ray or any band and record that has recently arrived from major labels. Quality of the record and the songs is obvious! There are many songs that I could add to my list of favorite ones. For example Beneath Black Ice provides lots of variations, very aggressive riffing and powerful choruses. Also, this particular song has lots of breaks. The same goes for the song Your Skull is my Crown. A song entitled A Rival of the Fittest with all its unexpected breaks stands beyond any comment.

Those who love (and adore) classic power metal style especially from 90s should definitely check out Steel Aggressor’s Rival of the Fittest. if you are a true lover of Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Manowar or Virgin Steel I think that you are first in line to take CD. Highly recommended for power and heavy metal fans!

  • Stormspell Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (9)

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