EVOCATION The Shadow Archetype

Evocation-The-Shadow-ArchetypeIt has been really quiet in the camp of Swedish death metal powerhouse Evocation last few years; ever since their 2013’s EP Excised and Anatomised we have not heard something new from them apart from the line up changes so it seems that the band’s future was uncertain. Luckily that was not the case as Evocation coined the new deal with Metal Blade so they have joined their roster with similar bands from their homeland such as Cut Up and Entrails (maybe a good idea for tour right there). I must say that I was interested to hear what their new album will sound like, since I was not too keen on 2012’s Illusions of Grandeur more modern/melodic leanings. But The Shadow Archetype represents a return of sorts for Evocation, really a mixture of various Swedeath directions they have dealt with throughout their whole career. That means that you will get to hear one by one strong mid tempo headbangable tracks like Condemned to the Grave, fast melodic At the Gates like attacks in Modus Operandi and traditional old school hammers such as Children of Stone… and those are first three numbers on the album. The whole release actually sounds something like this which means that you will get good variety of styles in one package, all done in mere 38 minutes so the time just passes by when you listen to this release. One thing that is also present in The Shadow Archetype is good portion of groove which is cleverly entangled into music, so when you add it to musical style you get one album that is just tailor made for live gigs even though its melodies possess certain amount of grim atmosphere. To speak the truth, The Shadow Archetype is nothing new in death metal world and it is also not the best Evocation record (that place is reserved for Dead Calm Chaos imho) but it is one good album for the fans of the style, as simple as that. Also I am glad that the band is back again since they were always staple in this kind of death metal…

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8)

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