MORNING DWELL The Guardians of Time

609285Morning Dwell’s second issue The Guardians of Time is perhaps one of the most important release in 2016 when it comes to power metal genre. As a matter of fact the band comes from Sweden and The Guardians of Time is their second full-length. Their music could be described as a sort of classic or old school power metal with various influences coming from Stratovarious, Helloween or Blind Guardian. So, Morning Dwell are the new force among the ranks of power metal warriors.

In fact, they are still considering as a sort of unknown act but I have already noticed that their new record is doing well in underground, and on various forums and alike there has been quite a talking about this act. Morning Dwell has a quality to offer and the vision of as well. I guess, if their records were released back then during the glorious 90s, they will succeeded quite fast. But, never the less this band has the future. Moreover, Andreas Marschal has done the cover artwork for their latest issue so this is one more plus so to say. If I say that their style is a mixture between several acts like Helloween or Stratovarious I guess that most of you who are reading this review already new of what we are talking about and can shape in their minds the style of Morning Dwell. The style is based upon strong classic heavy metal riffing, there’s a mighty chorus in each song and here and there one could notice some keyboards in the background. But, yet the leading role has been left for vocals and guitars as well.

In short, Morning Dwell has the future, so they just need to continue to work in this particular way. As a matter of fact,  Morning Dwell’s The Guardians of Time is far better comparing to any other record delivered recently from much bigger and more established names like Iron Savior or Grave Digger. I could go even further and say that this is much better (my personal taste) comparing to Gloryhammer. This is much more serious work comparing to hilarious tunes that GH has ever offered, but yet the market is cruel and we are quite aware of it.

  • Marko Miranovic (8,5)
  • Doolittle Group CD

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