CHRISTMASBASH 2016 in Geiselwind (Germany)

One of the best festivals in 2016 and the final one for ’16 season. It was indeed great so see some bands at one place like for example Iced Earth, Hell or Blind Guardian. But, also there were more acts like old school ones (Saxon), or pagan ones (Ensiferum). At the end I have to conclude that I like more these two days festivals with less program than the festivals with huger program where it very hard to catch everything what’s happening here and there. More over, Geiselwind has the best concert hall and the very unique atmosphere and the perfect sound’s possibilities. The atmpshere particular was very pleasent during both evenings. There was also a huge Napalm Records’ store with a lots of various offerings and merchandise stuff such as CDs, LPs or shirts…


Never the less, there were two days planned. 09th December was the first day. It’s very hard to remember each band or every single show, but the three most important were Ensiferum, Iced Earth and Saxon. Ensiferum delivered their usual dose of pagan and hymn like tracks. The sound and visual moment was quite ok-characteristic for such a pagan band like Ensiferum. Anyway, it was relaxing show. But, the atmosphere started to warm up with Iced Earth. Well, it was a show for remembrance. It could be easily the best show at the entire festival, since they have unleashed such a great songs from the very start of their career. So, if you are a lover of their old school stuff (Burnt Offerings, The Dark Saga) then you were on right time at the right place. Moreover, there were some songs from their latest efforts. Later on Saxon appeared as well. They show was as usual, a returning moment…


The second day, 10th December, my birthday, started with Hell. Their show was particularly very nice, but I really don’t know what they have played only 30 minutes. Never the less, after Hell there were also many other bands like German’s latest power metallers Orden Ogan and old school ones Rage or popular newcomers Gloryhammer. Some of them I have stopped to watch, for others there was not time since we have interviews to have. Of course, the main thing for the second evening was the show of Blind Guardian where they delivered the entire Imaginations from the Other Side 1995 album. The show was particularly good, Hansi has delivered some extra (never heard before) screams, and the stage and the entire visual thing (with the falling dragons) was a thing not to be missed. Also, the sound was indeed powerful. At the end of the show they offered some extra songs to make a full-time performance (like The Bard’s Song and alike).

For those who are unfamiliar with German Christmas festivals I strongly suggest to visit one of them, Geiselwind is particularly good and nice atmosphere.

  • Marko Miranovic


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