HOLY MARTYR Darkness Shall Prevail

Holy Martyr has returned! After six years of silence they are come back to rock the very foundation of earth. I don’t know what many people out there think that Holy Martyr plays classic power metal since their style is much different more based on doom and traditional heavy metal influences, but never the less, they have a brand new record out Darkness Shall Prevail. The quality is more then obvious!


Please, could you present your latest material Darkness Shall prevail to our readers?

Darkness Shall Prevail is a concept album based on the Legendarium of J.R.R Tolkien. The genre is pure old school Epic Metal, with a Doom Metal approach.

Holy Martyr’s latest work is complete based on Tolkien’s novels. Can you tell us why did you choose to pay homage with one entire record to Tolkien?

Because i like Tolkien’s books and I always wanted to write about his world. We have chosen to describe the dark side of his works, so it’s a very different and unusual point of view, compared to other bands.

The style of Holy Martyr is different, more aggressive and raw comparing to other metal bands. In fact, some people on power metal channel have complained that this it’s too much raw  Never the less, and aside of silly comments, how would you like to describe your style.

Yes it’s raw. It’s Doom Epic Metal. It’s not power metal…even when we play fast passages we are very far from a power metal band. Our monicker is derived from a song from Omen, a U.S. band from the 80’s.I don’t care if people like it or not…I like what I do.

Darkness Shall Prevail has a different cover artwork, less eye catchy so to say than other fantasy metal bands. Can you tell what would you like to express by it?

It’s like the music…nothing is catchy here. We would like to create the triumph of darkness with something gloomy and very simple. We wanted to be different but effective.

Since this is the very first interview that we are doing with Holy Martyr can you also present the band to Metal Sound’s readers?

Holy Martyr was founded in the middle of the 90’s. We have made three demos during 2003/2005 and actually this is our fourth album. Every album has a different theme, from ancient Roman/Greek history to Samurai. Darkness Shall Prevail is the first album based on non historical themes. We have a good following in different places and we are considered a ‘cult band’ from many. As i said, the music is traditional Epic/Doom Metal, sometimes mixed with Classic and Speed Metal, especially in the past.

Thus far you have released four full-lengths so could you tell us what was the most successful record that Holy Martyr has released.

I haven’t idea. Many people liked a lot our second album Hellenic Warrior Spirit. Invincible is the most straigth and probably accessible album, it was well accepted more or less from everyone…but some others pointed that it was less Epic and too fast. I don’t know how to say.

And one questions above all: where can we see Holy martyr or do you have any live show at all? I guess that your style deserves to be performed live.

Come in Athens for the next Up The Hammers in May, we’ll play together with Cirith Ungol.

I wish you all the best. Thank you for the interview! Any last words?

To people which never listened us…give us a chance, buy our album and put it on the hi fi at the highest volume possible. To our fans…we are back, raise your.

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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