PALADINE Finding Solace

paladine_band_finding_solace_big_coverI guess that for the most of our readers Greek based power metal band Paladine is still very unknown name, but I can assure you, that they are much better comparing to their older colleagues. Finding Solace is their debut record and the potential and quality is more than obvious. Not to speak that they have delivered marvelous cover artwork as well besides the great music.

There are many influences that we need to mention here when it comes to Paladine: Blind Guardian, Iron Savior, Virgin Steele and alike are just some of the names. Actually, Paladine plays music that stands as a sort of the answer from the various bands from glorious 90s. So, indeed their debut effort sounds like that it was produced and written in the mid of 90s so you know what to expect: hymn like songs, some acoustic moments, epic choruses, all in all we are facing here one very traditional and classic power metal record. There are many good songs on the album but some of the songs could present the band in the best way like Paladine or The Dragonrider.

Greece was always a home and asylum for many power metal bands and traditional heavy metal, so I am more than glad that we have now a chance to have some more bands that come from Greace. If you are a fan of classic power or heavy metal then you are welcome to check out the debut full-length of Paladine. I am quite sure that you’ll find some good tunes within.

  • No Remorse Records
  • Marko Miranovic (8)

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