GRAVE DIGGER Healed by Metal

1000x1000German HM veterans Grave Digger are once more back with their latest effort Healed by Metal. I have to admit that I was expecting much more from their latest effort, since their 17th full-length Return of the Reaper was quite a good release. Needless to say that I am a true fan of their previous career when they have released their legendary records during the second part of 90s.

As a matter of fact Healed by Metal is far behind or beneath their best efforts from the mid and the late of 90s such as Tunes of War of Night of The Cross. There are some songs that are suiting here and there too complete the picture about good-old Grave Digger but still something’s missing around there. I guess that the right word about the new album would be that it’s too much uninspired and too much stereotype . So, at the end of the day, the final product could sound boring, There are some good anthems like Call for War, When Night Falls or The Hangman’s Eye, these two or three tracks remains quite a lot on their previous record Return of the Reaper, but otherwise the rest of the album sounds too much familiar and predictable. I guess that Healed by Metal is one of their weaker records, but not the weakest one…also, I am not so much delighted with their newer videos, I’ve  to admit that I much more perfere their works like Circle of the Witches or The Clans Are Marching

I could go even further here and say that the best days of Grave Digger are far behind them, but anyway I am still glad that they are rock here and there, and I am indeed grateful that I will be able to see them live at Rock Harz and Wacken in Germany during this year. I really hope that they will unleash some of their great hits from 90s 🙂 More over I am indeed thankful still they have re-released some fo their old LPs

  • Napalm Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (4)

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