PALADINE Finding Solace

Paladine is a newcomer act that comes from Greece. In fact, they have just released their debut record Finding Solace for No Remorse Records, a label that stands as a keeper for classic HM bands. Paladine’s style could be placed somewhere between bands like Blind Guardian, Grave Digger and Gamma Ray. So, there’s a lot of traditional and classic German power metal happening around there.


Please, could you for the beginning present Paladine to our readers since the band is quite new to metal audience? When the band was formed? What was the aim?

Paladine is an epic heavy metal band from Athens, Greece and it was actually formed about 5years ago. In our debut album “Finding Solace”, there are tracks that we have have beenworking on since the period that the band was initially formed and there are more recentcompositions as well. We have been working on all our songs with great care and attention to detail. The band members are: Nick “The Metalizer” Protonotarios (vocals & lead guitars), Thanos Kollintzogiannakis (rhythm guitars), Marilena Plitsi (keyboards), Stamatis Katsafados (drums) and myself, Chris Stergianidis (bass guitar). Heavy Metal is a lifestyle for us and therefore our aim was to become a small part of its great scene.

How would you like to describe the style that Paladine performs? In fact, you have traditionalpower and heavy metal influences coming from old Helloween, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and alike.

Paladine performs epic heavy metal with power metal elements. We have influences comingfrom both the entire 80s and 90s scenes and in particular from bands like Heaven’s Gate, Manowar and Blind Guardian but we do not play exactly like these bands. We would rather prefer to say that our sound is a combination from all these influences.

What could you tell us about your debut Finding Solace? As a matter of fact its quite a promising record. It was released though old school underground label No Remorse Records which is very known by supporting traditional HM bands…

“Finding Solace” is our debut album. All the production, mixing and mastering was done by our friend Thimios Krikos (from InnerWish), who is also the “sixth member” of the band. The concept of the album is based on Dragonlance, an epic saga anthology written by authors Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. It contains tracks with great epic choruses such as “Paladine” and “Master Of Present And Past”, heavier tunes such as “The Metalizer” and “Midnight Sky”, and a ballad, which was recorded entirely with acoustic instruments. In general, “Finding Solace” is a record with many different elements within each song. It is an album made for the 90s with a more modern sound. We are very pleased with our collaboration with our label No Remorse Records. Apart from having some very well-known bands in its roster, No Remorse Records is also strongly supporting us by giving us the chance to present our material to people.

 Who has done the cover artwork? What was the initial idea behind the cover, there’s lots of good old fantasy happening around that one?

The cover artwork was created by Jimmy “Dreadjim” Ling, an artist from Singapore. The initial idea behind the cover was that it definitely had to be an artwork with a fantasy-related theme. We looked at some of Jimmy’s artwork and we picked this one. Besides that, this specific artwork had a direct connection with the album title, i.e. the cover depicts a party of warriors finding sanctuary in the midst of snow. Basically, I do not like album covers with many Photoshop layers or something like that and we thought that this particular cover was ideal. It is a cover that is drawn in a somewhat traditional manner. We are very pleased with Jimmy’swork.

Paladine sounds as a sort of the band that has the ground and sound complete based on 90s power metal style. So, could you tell us something more about your major influences?

Yes, I agree. Regarding Paladine’s music composition, the basis is on the 90s and on bands likeManowar, Warlord, Blind Guardian, Heaven’s Gate, but having at the same time a heavy metal style rather than a power metal style. In other words, the band has an American sound with many epic lyrical themes – a combination coming from the entire 90s scene. Essentially, we like writing music that is not influenced by a single specific band, but rather by many bands.

What is the next when it comes to Paladine? Do you plan to have some shows in Greece?

The release of “Finding Solace” is only the beginning. First of all, the band will have its first ever show on 1 May at Kyttaro Club in Athens while supporting Manilla Road. This is a big opportunity for us to show to people who we are. After that, the band will do some more live shows as part of the promotion of the album and come next year, we will start working on the recordings of our second album. We’ll get to work and hope to do our best.

What could you tell us about metal scene from Greece since I have noticed that there are lots ofmetal heads there.

The metal scene from Greece has been growing rapidly, especially during the last decade. There are world-class bands with very good productions and compositions, and actually, they do not need to be envious of the big foreign bands. Their work is done on a professional level and the end result is much appreciated by the bands themselves first and then by the huge number of metalheads in Greece. Greek fans want to see the bands from their country moving forward and praise the result of their work. In fact, I greatly appreciate the Greek metal fan base because I think that it is one of the most loyal fan bases in the world.

I would like to thank you for the interview and I will you all the best until the next time!

We would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given us to talk about the band, our plans and generally about metal music, which, as I said, is a lifestyle for us and unites us all together. Thank you, thanks Metal Sound and I wish all the best for the future. I am Chris Stergianidis and on behalf of Paladine, I would like to wish: let there be good music all aroundus, stay metal and keep the flame burning…

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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