ENDEZZMA A Grave so Deep

Endezzma comes from Norway and they have just issued their 2nd full-length The Arcane Abyss. Although that the band has issued only two full-lengths so far they are well-known when it comes to field of black metal.


Please, could you present your Endezzma to Metal Sound’s since this is the very first interview that we have a chance to do with you.

ENDEZZMA was founded in 2006 after I decided to reanimate my former music project DIM NAGEL. Back in the late 90’s I released a couple of old classic demos with Dim Nagel together with band members of the legendary KVIST.  But after some years focusing on my own record label and other project’s within the underground I felt it was time to work more directly with music again in order to express myself again as an artist. I decided to change the band name into ENDEZZMA and in one way start from the very beginning. I asked my close friend and allied, the URGEHAL frontman TRONDR NEFAS to join me as a creative force in ENDEZZMA and the rest is more well-known history.

The very first line-up among other’s included RAGNAROK drummer JONTHO on drums and was also supposed to include TAAKE’s frontman Hoest on bass, but due to some reasons that did not happen..

When I started Endezzma I had a clear goal of making a serious band dealing with a strong felt darkness within myself, use my own inner darkness to present an eerie, atmospheric and utter dark expression. But also work out of the heart without label what we did or work inside a box…Endezzma very quick started to walk its own path carving its own destiny as entity on its own…

The band had some death’s, tragedies and line up changes but before the last album the band have carved its very strong structure in form of a die hard steady legion that today wear the name and banner of ENDEZZMA.

As a matter of fact Endezzma has release a brand new record The Arcana Abyss so tell us something about a newer record? Could you present it from your point of view?

Indeed we have. Its been out a few weeks to overwhelming receptions and critics , so it’s a electric atmosphere within the band these day’s. We always drape our selves with a intense mantel but it’s always good with fresh and vital fuel to the energy within the band and to see that people are really understanding the art, the world and darkness you have been creating and working on for such long a time.  I could write a book about The Arcane Abyss or sit a whole night explaining, but in short terms I can tell The Arcane Abyss is look into the very essencial darkness, the abyss that represent the world of Endezzma. For those familiar with the sound and world of Endezzma from before will most certainly notice the trademarks of the band, but this time it all ended up abit different, sliding into another direction. More wild, more intense and direct. We also worked hard with getting the exact sound we wanted, to totally underline the message of the album, for those who get it. For me it’s a wild, intense and direct manifest that open new door’s in the Abyss every time you spin the album.  And hopefully the listeners can understand and get our ideas and intensions. We always  expect something from the listners. Like reading poetry, you must understand the essence and read between the lines to get the picture.

Could you say us now something about your previous records? In fact, you have two full lengths and two EPs so far released.

When we first made the Alone Ep back in the very start , me and Trondr (Urgehal) sat down and really mapped out the direction we wanted to wander. We wanted back the atmosphere and intensity to be main priorities, and so is Alone. Very intense and atmospheric, stil today that EP possess two of our most intense live classics, songs we couldn’t do a proper gig without. Songs that today mean’s a lot to the band and the world of ENDEZZMA. But the sound was very underground on Alone, something we worked intensionally on. Then came the full length Erotik Nekrosis. A natural follow up to the Alone EP, this time with a more distinct and clear sound. Song’s made with same attitude, to this point Trondr Nefas was a great source and contributor to the material being made alongside Diabolous and me. The album got got response and the wheels was spinning, but then when Trondrs tragic death occurred we had to look into new dusty corners of the world and Malphas came into the lime light of death and filled Nefas virtuously and grand compositor boots to the maximum. We right away starte to work on The Arcane Abyss album and after a couple of years we was done. The second EP you refer to is the Morbus Divina 7” EP that came out just before the album, with a bonus track named Black Tempest . Black Tempest is the very last song Trondr Nefas wrote, not only for Endezzma but in general,because that was just made few weeks before his Death.

There was 5 years of pause when it comes to the band and time difference between your releases. Why was there such a big pause between your records?

Simply because the band have never felt any certain need in follow any set patterns in when to write and release material. Iits always important for us to stay true to the world of Endezzma and what the band stand for, since it’s always been a special meaning behind all done behind the band. Endezzma was always special and grew by it’s own rules and patterns into its own entity, now the band dictates the navigators so to speak. And not too look away from the fact’s that death and line up changes and twist’s made the year’s run by pretty fast. But this time we have already turned the page and is deeply into the next album already so it will definitely not be another half decade until the next album, if not half the band dies, who know’s when death harvest?

When it comes to Endezzma do you have any live shows in mind soon? Are you active actually when it comes to live performances?

Yes, we are active live. We are very selective though with where and when we play. We take our live manifest extreme serious, therefore it must be 110% every time. A Endezzma live exposure is bloody, wild and intense.  We have inked a few international festivals for the summer and few at the end of the year. And we will do a 3 weeks European tour this Autumn, our management is working on the tour now, so we have to see with who and where we end up, but it should cover quit a few European countries…So we see you out there in blood, fire and Death, Legion !

What could you say us about the lyrics when it comes to the new album? What you would like to present with them?

The lyrics are a deep dive into the depths of our darker mind. It’s in one way our personal relationship to the dark side and how we relate to death. Our death and death in general is something that control how we live our lives, even we like to think that death is a topic that just arrive when an accident occur or we become old. Its strong feelings and strong emotions that is a driving force in our daily life. Like the track Morbus Divina, the master of disease. And a carrier of death. It’s all in wrapped into the world of Endezzma, creating an own philosophical saga about death. I always been fascinated by death and let myself go with its emotional contradiction, in one way the most beautiful and on the other it can be the most heart breaking. Such intense, vital and strong forces really possess me and thrill me. It is all around us, so it is no need to make up stupid stories when the real and most intense vibes is all around us to grab.

I would like to thank you for the interview. Do you have any message for the people who are already delight with your music?

You know that the path into the flames is wild , bloody and intense. We are Legion for we are many, stil growing. But the capacity of The Arcane Abyss is grand and monumental. Walk with us for WE ARE THE HUNTERS OF THE NIGHT !

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