a1834986031_10Finally the time has come for the third full length of unique artistic French creation Les Discrets! Five years have passed since their previous album entitled Ariettes Oubliées… and in that time band’s mastermind Fursy Teyssier has given the announcements that all the fans took with heavy heart. First off, he has announced that he became bored with old Les Discrets’ post rock metal sound and he will split the band in search for different artistic expression. Later on, Fursy has decided to leave the name intact but the decision about the change of musical course has remained after a couple of appetizer EPs we finally have the chance to hear fully what Fursy and Audrey (the only remaining members) are up to now. I guess that some stubborn fans will look at this album as sort of betrayal as one cannot find electric guitars or loud drums nowhere in sight on Prédateurs, instead this release is truly a shedding of old skin and taking the new path. The best way to describe Prédateurs would be to say that it is trip hop / dark pop – the music is very minimalistic, sort of elegant and when you listen to it you almost do not want to move in fear of breaking the fragile atmosphere that it is creating all around you. As I have said, the melodies are very discreet (sic) and they may be hard to notice at first but the more time you give to Prédateurs you will start to get what is going on and delve deep into the music core. That being said, even though Les Discrets have indeed changed their musical style the main feeling of the music has stayed the same – it is really easy to recognize Les Discrets behind these songs, it is just that they have pun on another clothes for this occasion. I think that also their fans will easily embrace this sound as I guess that the people into them care about this aspect the most. As for me, I must admit that I have been taken aback at first but very fast I got used to Prédateurs and enjoy it the same as I have their lovely previous releases.

  • Prophecy Productions CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8,5)

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