GOD DETHRONED The World Ablaze

GodDethroned-TheWorldAblazeThe war machine returns! We are all happy that Henri Sattler reconsidered his decision to put God Dethroned to rest and after three years of reformation we have new album entitled The World Ablaze in front of us. Pause and years of break obviously did not took anything away from Henri’s mind as he has continued God Dethroned’s crusade like the break did not ever occur. The World Ablaze represents third and final installment in World War I trilogy, the lyrical content again revolves around the horrors of war and gigantic battles that took place in that dark period of humanity, which is a theme that goes well with death metal and seems to be popular in Dutch scene in the last few years. When it comes to the most important feature of the album which is obviously music, I can easily say that the fans can once again happily rejoice as God Dethroned did not undertake some silly experiments but rather opted to do what they are doing best. In that regard this album goes hand in hand with its two predecessors Passiondale and Under the Sign of the Iron Cross, which means we are once again treated with pummeling death metal and I would like to point out some small differences in regards to previous albums. It seems to me that The World Ablaze is slightly slower than the previous album, often venturing into mid tempo grinding Bolt Thrower territory which is no wonder since those old English gods are ultimate names in war infused death metal. Also I feel that characteristic God Dethroned melodies are lesser found on The World Ablaze which is my main complaint about the album as I feel that they gave them trademark sound, but it is not that drastic. Also Henri’s voice sounds a bit less powerful that before but that is also not strange since the man is a bit older… again nothing drastic here, just an observation. But the final conclusion is that God Dethroned have returned with the album that is in their tried and true fashion and all the fans will for sure be happy with it, the old guard is still here as strong as ever!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)

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