NIGHT DEMON Darkness Remains

1000x1000Californian purveyors of true heavy metal Night Demon are back with their second full length entitled Darkness Remains and you know the old saying, second album can make or break the band. Well, I am happy to inform that Night Demon have skipped this trap and done with Darkness Remains exactly what should be done – they took everything that was good about their debut and made it ever stronger. Songs are catchier, riffs are stronger, simply Darkness Remains is better album than Curse of the Damned. Night Demon did not try to reinvent the wheel here, they are still playing their NWOBHM informed metal, and it’s just that they are better in creating it. Songs are up to the point, no complicating the arrangements and if I have to make some comparions Darkness Remains is their Killers. I have purposefully made comparison with Maiden since Darkness Remains has Maiden Hell song where the lyrics are made out of famous Maiden songs, and it is very cool that they stem from their first way back to last album. It is clear that Night Demon are not afraid to make perfectly clear what bands they love and what period of metal is the best in their opinion so no reinventing the wheel here. Anyway who would want it from one heavy metal album? I sure as Hell do not, if the release has infectious songs and headbangable riffs then it is all good, and Darkness Remains is in that vein. The album is closed by Queen and Black Sabbath covers just to make sure for the end on what side of the fence do Night Demon stand and I guess that everything is clear to you now. This is one strong HM band with very good album, as simple as that, and one more in the endless line of proofs that true metal will never die as long as the children are faithful to the cause.

  • SPV/Steamhammer CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)

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