Dutch death squad God Dethroned is back from the dead with their new album entitled The World Ablaze, which was welcomed with open arms by fans worldwide and rightfully so! Band’s mastermind Henri Sattler is here to give us all the information we need…


 Hello Henri and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you doing these days, my friend?

Thank you. Yes i’m doing fine. We had a very busy time after recording the album with interviews and making 3 videos, playing the album release shows, etc.

The main reason for this chat is the return of God Dethroned and your new album The World Ablaze! How does it feel to be back on metal scene with the new album, do you feel rejuvenated?

Yes I do actually. After the 3 year break I had the energy and inspiration again to write a new album and to finish our WWI trilogy. We played great shows and festivals after our return in 2015 and we were welcomed by the audience in a fantastic way. Of course we needed to give them a new album so we can continue to play live for some more years to come.

Let us go back in time a little bit…. In 2012 you have announced the end of the band. What was the cause for this decision? Your last album Under the Sign of the Iron Cross was one of the best in your career imho…

I felt burned out and fed up with my band. I wasn’t sure if I needed a break or if I wanted to quit altogether. When you don’t want to be bothered anymore it’s best to quit, otherwise people will keep on asking for new shows and albums.

Two years have passed since the reformation of the band, what you were up to in this period of time? What made you realize that God Dethroned should reform?

I started my guitar company Serpent King Guitars and took part in some projects such as Winter of Sin and Dictated. During the funeral of a friend I realized it couldn’t be the end yet. All of a sudden I felt I needed to make more music and that’s how it started to get a band back together.

God Dethroned became active again in 2014, you have some new people in the band so can you tell us something about these lineup changes, were they inevitable?

We officially played our first show again on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise in 2015. I wanted some new people in the band. Maybe I could have asked the same guys again, but instead I decided that Michiel and I would form the core of the band completed with some session musicians. Now the session musicians have become steady members and we are happy to have them.

We have waited three years for the new album which I find to be very good, you haven’t just churned out some release just to be present in magazines but instead worked hard on your music. Can you tell us something about the compositional process?

Yes we took the time to write good songs. I didn’t want our come back album to be a disappointment. We already recorded some songs in 2015 but we weren’t satisfied about them so we threw them away. Then late last year I found the right vibe again for the new songs and then it all happened fast. We wrote the new album in just a few months and the album turned out very dynamic and diverse.

The World Ablaze is finally in front of us so what can you tell us about the actual album, it seems to me that it is logical musical continuation of previous two releases, do you agree with me here?

Yes it is also the third album in the WWI trilogy and I think it’s a great ending of the trilogy. The album has very strong melodies and catchy riffs and stuff. The response on the album has been great so far.

This album represents the final chapter in your World War I trilogy so what can you tell us about the lyrical content and the events that have happened on this album?

I did a lot of research again for this album to make sure it’s all historically correct. Topics about the end of the war on November 11th 1918 and about the biggest man made explosion before the Trinity bomb explosion in Nevada in WWII, about the fall of the Russian Tsar during the Russian revolution in WWI, etc, etc.

Maybe it is still too early to tell but where do you think that God Dethroned will go in the future, both with lyrics and music?

The lyrical content I’m not sure of yet. I have some ideas but it’s too early to tell. The music will basically stay in the style as you hear it now. Much diversity and strong melodies with great hooks.

You have recorded three videos for the promotion of The World Ablaze, do you feel that this is still useful tool for promotion of music in this Youtube era?

It is a very useful tool I would say. When there’s a video people are more interested in checking out the music as well. We did 3 videos because our music on the album is so diverse that one video would not show the people what we are all about.

Obviously The World Ablaze is still very fresh in your mind, but what do you feel is the apex moment in God Dethroned history, what album is the ultimate in your opinion?

That question is too difficult for me. It is something you should ask our fans I believe. Every musician believes his latest album is the best of course, but time will tell.

What lies in the near future for God Dethroned, where can we expect to see you in the next few months? Are some tours already planned?

We are working on some tours, but nothing is confirmed yet. First we will play some festivals like Dong Open Air, With Full Force and Party-San.

That would be all for this conversation Henri, I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best! Your last message to Serbian fans…

Thanx for the great interview and our fans in Serbia should definitely check out “The World Ablaze”. Cheers, Henri

  • Answers by Henri Sattler
  • Interview by Slobodan Trifunovic

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