CARACH ANGREN Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten

638267The quality has become a trademark for Carach Angren! 🙂 Comparing to their previous issue Carach Angren’s latest offering Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten is definitely less complex record but it doesn’t mean that it’s less good. It’s actually more catchy!

While This is No Fairytale was quite a complex piece of work CA latest full-length offers more direct songs, but anyway, do not afraid, since all good-old elements from their previous albums are still dwelling there, perhaps just employed in different way. So, in a way, we could compare a brand new record to their third record Where the Corpses Sink Forever, but also there are some noticeable links with Death Came Through a Phantom Ship. In fact, I’ve to admit that somehow a brand new record has mostly remained me on furious and epic symphonies from Death Came Through a Phantom Ship (although I cannot say exactly why, but perhaps some songs has this sort of vibe which was particularly specific for their 2nd album).

Carach Angren’s music was always based on huge and epic orchestrations and classic black metal riffing. Each song has its own complexity, some slower and faster pieces, with lots of atmospheric stuff going around. So, it’s indeed hard to pick one favorite track which could present the entire new record, but, it seems that Charles Francis Coghlan could work quite well. It has the right atmosphere and it has employed all elements which are characteristic for their style.

Once again the band has based their lyrics on various horror stories and tales, some of them are with historical background while the others are from their imaginations. But, anyway, all the stories are packed up well as a sort of tale that continues so it seems that the songs are also musically links in one way or another. There’s always this great, huge and malicious atmosphere when it comes to Carach Angren. Each song is a well-crafted jewel. Of course, keyboards are playing quite a huge role in each song, but, yet guitar’s riffing also has their own place. So, some of the songs are more brutal, while the others are more atmospheric. So, you have these songs like Blood Queen, but you also have different ones with more malicious and atmospheric parts like the closing one Three Times Thunder Strikes.

If you are already a fan of the band then there’s a good chance that you will like a new record but if you are a new one I will just say that Carach Angren performs a sort of symphonic black metal which is quite close to older stuff from Cradle of Filth and Limbonic Art, but, yet they have developed their own still though years and it seems that they could now become really huge! Highly recommended!

  • Season of Mist CD
  • Marko Miranovic (10)

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