UNLEASH THE ARCHERS Cleanse the Bloodlines

Unleash the Archers are already there for some time. In fact the band has issued four studio albums and Apex is their latest issue, just released though Napalm records. The band is doing tours all across Europe. I have to say that i was not able to catch them on some festivals around but I will surly give them a try as soon as there’s a possabiliy.

Hello! Please, could you tell us for the beginning about your new record Apex?

Apex is a concept album that follows our protagonist, whom we call The Immortal, as he sets out to find the four sons of our antagonist, The Matriarch, and return them to her so she can kill them in a ritual to achieve immortality.

It seems that you have succeeded to develop your style even better comparing to third issue. Could you compare your latest issue Apex with your previous album?

Our sound has changed quite a bit since our first albums, being that both of our guitar players have changed and their writing styles are very different form the first two.  Where before we embraced a much stronger death metal element we now focus more on the traditional/power metal elements of our sound.   We still have death screams, (we wouldn’t be Unleash The Archers without them), but they are used now more as accents and less as a completely equal second vocal.  We have grown as songwriters as well, with our arrangements leaning towards a more conventional style, but we still play around with that as well.  We try not to write with boundaries, they merely quash the inspiration, so we do not write with a particular genre in mind and we certainly do not adhere to any ‘rules’  😉

Could you name the major influences when it comes to Unleash the Archers?

We have many, across all genres, as all of us have very different styles of music that we like to listen to personally, but I would say our consolidated major metal influences are Iron Maiden, Angra, Devin Townsend, Soilwork, Protest The Hero, Queensryche, 3 Inches of Blood, Iced Earth and Judas Priest!

How would you like to describe Unleash the Archers’ style to someone who has a chance for the very first time to get into the band? There’s a noticeable traditional vibe inside your style…

Yeah describing us can be a little bit difficult sometimes, because we like to play around with most of the metal sub-genres out there, so I always just say we play heavy metal, pure and simple  J  We’ve got blackened death vocals combined with power vocals over traditional yet progressive guitar licks combined with core drumming and a jazz-influenced bass player I mean, really how do you describe that in simpler terms!?  So I just say heavy metal, because descriptions don’t really matter when it comes down to it, so long as you like the music.  I am constantly seeking out new bands, and it doesn’t matter what the little blurb on Apple Music or Spotify says about them, I’ll give it a shot, just because you never know what awesomeness you might find!  Metalheads can be stuck in their genre-worlds sometimes and we need to break out of that!  I mean you can love your certain genres sure but never, ever rule a band out just because they do not fit into one of them, who knows, you could be missing out on the next Iron Maiden!  😉

Do you plan to have any shows soon with Unleash the Archers? Do you also get some offers from various festivals around?

Yes we will be hitting the road in support of Apex very soon!  Unfortunately as of right now we do not have any shows in Serbia but perhaps that will change  😉  Our guitar player is in school for sound engineering so we will not be touring until he is done in September, so no festivals for us this summer, but we have Europe already booked and are now working on North and South America, as well as Australia and Japan!

Do you have any favorite track from the new album? Do you think that one particular track could represent your latest issue?

My favorite track is Apex; I just love the simplicity of the chorus and the ripping guitar solos in the middle.  I think it is very representative of the album because it was in fact the very last song we wrote and we wrote it while we were in the studio recording, very much on the spot!  So it is a great representation of where we were at during the recording and our headspace at the time.  It also is a great lead up into our next record…  😉

Canada has lots of quite good newcomers. Most of these bands have based their style on traditional heavy metal roots. Do you have any comments about the rising Canadian scene?

It is rising indeed!  We have so many talented metal bands here and no one knows about any of them hahaha we are lost and forgotten next to our neighbours to the south who seem to be able to do no wrong  😉  Slowly we are showing the world what we can do though, and though there seems to be a large emphasis on traditional metal these days we have a lot of thrash, death and black metal offerings as well.  Bands like Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Ex Deo, Archspire, Crimson Shadows, Wormwitch, Mortillery, The Agonist… I would say some are household names and some will be soon, but they are all insanely talented musicians and I am proud to stand among them in the Canadian metal scene  J

Could you tell us something about your cover artworks? What would you like to express with the cover for a brand new offering?

The cover was created by Ken Sarafin using ideas and images that we gave him.  The concept behind the cover was to express the story of the album as well as convey the darker, foreboding undertones of the record as well.  We think he did an incredible job!  We are so happy with it; I think it is quite beautiful, every time I look at it I find some new detail that I never noticed before.  The Immortal lives in his mountain but is also trapped by it, and Ken took notion that to the next level entirely and turned it into a piece of art.  In our hearts the artwork is truly his, we are just borrowing it for a while it seems  😉

For a very short period of time the band has become quite a popular one. At least many people are now quite aware of you. Any comments about the rising popularity?

Well it certainly has been a long time coming for us, ten years we have been writing music and touring and working as hard as possible to get our name out there, but regardless of that we are just happy you have finally found us  J  We love playing music and will continue to do so for hopefully years to come, it’s not about “fame” or popularity, it’s about playing for our fans and making new music to rock out to!

I would like to thank you for the interview! I wish you all the best until next time!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about UTA!  Follow us on Bandsintown (app) as that is where we announce all of our tour dates and maybe, some day, we will come to Serbia and play for you!

  • Answers by Brittney Slayes
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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