WHITE SKULL Shieldmaiden

White Skull is one more band that is hailing direcly from our childhood days. I do rememeber the name clear during the late of 90s, but I cannnot recall that I was able to chekc out somewhere band. Never the less, While Skull has made return with their 10th studio album after 5 years of silence. So, its time for some true heavy metal from Italy.

Hello there! Please, could you tell us few words about the new White Skull’s record?

Will of the Strong tells the stories of some famous women of the past. With their actions, they changed the history of their country and the history of humanity all together. The album also contains a short Viking saga to complete what we wrote in Tales From The North years ago.

Also, please could you say few words about the band since this is the very first time that we have a chance to interview the band and have White Skull on Metal Sound’s pages?

Sharp voice, screaming guitars, hammering rhythms, a stunning mixture of power and melody: the result is a high incendiary gradation sound, coming from the heart of six musicians! The band has been around since the early 90s. It was with Tales from the North and the partnership with Nuclear Blast that the band gained visibility in the metal world. Line-up changes slowed us down a bit throughout the years but now we are back stronger than ever.

Could you compare your upcoming album Will of the Strong with your previous records? What is it new and fresh that new album brings to your style?

Will of the Strong is a step further compared to our previous works. There is the power and the melody in various combinations. It reflects the band current mood and feel. The addition of Alex Muscio (keyboards) to the band has improved and completed the sound resulting in a more powerful output.

As a matter of fact this is your 10th full-length so how do you feel about that? Also, since 5 years have passed away since your previous album could you say us why there was such a break in your musical career?

We are very proud we could prove we still can deliver such a product. Inspiration and dedication to our music still run strong in our veins. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that five years have gone so fast! After Under this Flag tour we were busy touring with The Best Of tour. At the same time, we were creating the new songs and working in all the collateral projects. And we do all this while we handle the everyday life with families and jobs.

So, what could you say us about Will of the Strong: where it was recorded? What would you like to express by the cover artwork and the lyrical background, too?

The album was recorded at the New Sin studio in Treviso (Italy) as always. We really treasure the relationship with Luigi Stefanini and rely on his high standards and professionalism.

The cover artwork represents a female warrior, behind her a circle of fire with a famous statement of Lagertha (Viking) that reflects our vision of life and the thoughts of our women warriors. The columns represent history and the fiords the short Viking saga we have included in Will of the Strong. As mentioned the lyrics tell the stories of some famous and powerful women in history (Joan D’Arc, Grace O’Malley, Evita Peron, the Russian female pilots of WWII, Lozen, Wang Cong Er, Matilda di Canossa). Three songs are about Vikings and the Valkyries

Sacrifice is about the last thoughts of the heroes … seconds before they become legends. It also contains our message to stay strong and to fight for your believes.

Once again you have worked with Dragonheart Records. It seems that this label is once more active. Does it seem that there will be some more records in the future form Dragonheart? Do you have some favorite acts from Dragonheart? There are some really good acts…

Oh yes, our deal was expired with Under This Flag album and we were free to look around for other deal. We decided to ask to them the possibility to extend the deal because they work in a really good way and they have a good distribution for fisical support and digital format in Italy and worldwide.

Could you say us something about your previous career? Since you have unleashed and produced ten records so far what was the most important record that you have issued so far by your own opinion and which record is closest to your heart?

We were still musicians playing in local bands. It’s not easy to answer your question, hard to pick which one is the closest or the best as they all are a picture of who we were at that specific moment. We are really connected with all our albums and with all our songs, they were written in different periods of our life, with some different line up and every one of this have inside an own story and we want to forget it.

What is the next step when it comes to White Skull do prepare any live dates since there was a noticeable break it would be cool to have some shows?

Correct! We are now performing live, mainly in Italy and working with European promoters on possible upcoming tours.

Since your debut effort was released back in 1995 so how do you feel now when the band is active more than 20 years? What is the best goal that you have achieved so far?

We are proud we kept it alive and kicking regardless of the many challenges and troubles we had to face throughout the decades. Probably we are now harvesting what we have seeded in the past, so the best achievement is about to come.

The fact that our band members work in harmony at a level that never was before make us think we have figured out an important thing in this business … strength, believes and friendship are ultimately the most important achievement for musicians like us. This makes it all possible.

Do you have any message for your fans worldwide for the end of the interview? There are lots of people who adore While Skull and I am quite sure that many of them are celebrating your comeback!

Yes, first of all thanks for your support! We hope to reach you all with our shows and we hope to meet you all, this new record is fantastic and we are to be on the road to play for you, sing with you meet you all!!! Stay tuned, rise up your axes and shields and STAY STRONG!!! We love you all!!!

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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