Wacken Report 2017

20621046_1746612092023853_174686585720698191_nSo, this was my seventh time at Wacken so I could count myself at least as not a newcomer anymore 🙂 In brief Wacken 2017 was much better comparing to previous two Wackens according at least to weather conditions although that the rain took its role also during this year. There were so many bands to be seen here and there, on all main stages or under so-called Wet Tent (we still it call by this name although the name and the place have been changed few years ago). Please, take a note that this review is from personal angle written, since its quite hard to catch-all the bands that were performing at Wacken. So, if you are able to see like 10 shows per Wacken that’s quite nice for the start.

Opening and the 2nd day: There were some innovations for this year, like all three main stages were equal or something like that. If you have been anytime at Wacken you will know of what I am talking about. There were lots of interesting events on all three main stages. One of the best shows was one coming up from Paradise Lost. This one was during the day, just after Grave Digger has unleashed their assault of the most legendary songs, but yet I have to complain that the sound when Grave Digger were performing was not the perfect one. This second day has started for us with Lacuna Coil (they performed quite decent show with several good-old hymns). But, there was still a heavy rain when they started and after them there was Sanctuary playing quite a cool show, too. Yet, the great final for the second day was with long-awaited Emperor show when they have played the entire material from Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk (1997) plus some more stuff from various studio albums. The sound, their appearance and the entire show was far too great, for eyes and for ears. Truly they are masters of the art! I was not so delighted with Accept show during the opening day although I like the band. Somehow, something there was missing when they appeared with the entire orchestra. Yet, Europe show was better and the people indeed welcome them with warm hearts.

Third day: the only show that I was able to see under the flags of WetTent was one of Twilight Force. And such a great show it was. There were lots of fans dancing and celebrations around. TF could become even more popular group. Speaking about the third day I think that the finale was with Kreator and Avantasia. And although that the people are complaining about Avantiasia show I have to say that I like the selection of the songs and performance was quite good. The very same goes for Kreator. I like it a lot, although that the rain has return and it started to pur here and there during the show. From my point of view Kreator delivered better show at Wacken comparing of what they did just two weeks later of Summer Breeze 2017. By the way, I think that there was a difference from what you have experience by live streaming and what we have witness on Wacken field is quite a different one. Anyway, I was so eager to see Alice Cooper, but yet I have not enjoyed in the show so much. Sorry, but I was expecting some more popular songs. Once more Amon Amarth offered quite good tune and German fans were indeed pleased by their performance. And, at the end, I should not miss to say something about Megadeth performance. Dave and co. have deliver a good tune, there were so many people including some crazy Sound American fans around us who were more like screaming during the entire show 🙂

Anyway, Wacken has proved one more time to be the best and the most visited metal festival and meeting. There’s nothing on the earth that could be compared with Wacken. Once when you see the entire organization you simply become aware how Wacken is huge. Mud fighter or what ever are the true winners and warriors of each Wacken. So, if you really like experience the atmosphere at or with Wacken you should come and visit it at least once during lifetime 🙂

  • Marko Miranovic. August 2017

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