PALANTIR Lost Between Dimensions

073d5585-ae88-4592-9670-28330916a9f3With latest releases StormSpell Records has proved to be one of the leading labels when it comes to power metal or traditional heavy metal in general. I’m not saying that they are the best ones, but I am quite sure that latest package of offerings from this USA label has definetely somethign very interesting to offer.  Palantir (Swe) has proved to be one of the best latest offerings when it comes to power metal. I have to say that I am not so pleased with the band that some bigger companies have released but yet better records one could find in some more independent labels such as SSR. If I compare Palantir for example with Gloryhammer and Powerwolf, i would always choose and perfere Palantir’s styel. Perhaps in the beginning these bands were interesting, but since now they are playing everywhere in Germany it has become to hard to miss them.

Palantir plays traditional form of power metal with various influences coming from Dragonland or Rhapsody or even Blind guardian just to name a few. We have witnessed various bands coming from Sweden these days like for example Mourning Dwell and most of them have delivered very good issues. Palantir is one example how power metal should sound. Their style is mainly based on keyboards and various influences from traditional power metal bands with highly melodic touch, just as Helloween for example have. I personally have much enjoyed in hymn like moments/refrains. Also, keyboards here plays quite an important role, comparing to other bands they are quite prominent. But, never the less the final product is indeed interesting and very good. Moreover, the production is very suitable, bombastic, clear, and it just go with the style.

If you are in searching for good old power metal bands than Palantir and latest SSR releases are the best way to begin. I do not say that SSR has the best deal when it comes to tradition heavy metal, but, yet it seems that this label could become even more respectable with the latest records. it could be interesting as well if SSR could do one festival or metal meeting with the bands from its platform.

  • Stormspell Records CD
  • Marko Miranovic (8)

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