CRIMFALL Dawn Without a Sun

As far as I could recall I’ve already a chance to watch somewhere CRIMFALL live, but it was already for sometime ago. Also, Crimfall has released their latest effort already something like 6 years ago. At that time they were on Napalm Records, but now they are on Metal Blade. Actually, they made a comeback so to say with their latest offering Amain. I think, from my own point of view, that their new studio record, which happens to be also their 3rd album, is the most mature record that the band has ever done.


Hello there, please could you present your latest offering Crimfall to our readers? What does this brand new record means to you?

The album title AMAIN sums the whole thing up. It means with full power, with full force, with full speed, all-in… We have given all we got.

Also, since this is very first time that we have a chance to do an interview with you please could you present the band? So far you have released three studio albums…

Hello all! We are Crimfall and we are alcoh… metal band from Finland. We have been playing movie score influenced metal with epic orchestration, strong visuality and heavy contrasts since 2007. We have already released 3 albums, but you can skip the first two for now and take a listen to our brand new CD called AMAIN.We do our music a bit differently by challenging both listeners and the whole metal scene by combining unexpected sources of inspiration under a one brand that is called Crimfall. So if you are up for a challenge, let the music speak for it self and check AMAIN out!

In fact, there was a huge period between your studio records. Something around 5 to 6 years. So, why there’s was such a pause between your two records? Any particular reason?

After our previous album was released in 2011 we did some touring around the Europe but also started to work on the new material. Unfortunately our previous label run in to some financial problems and had to clean their roster. And due to that, we were again alone, struggling with the motivation and thinking that should we just quit the whole thing or finish the work which we had already started. After listening to the demo versions of some of the songs which can be now found from AMAIN, we thought “shit, this would be an awesome album, WE HAVE TO DO IT!”. And since no one was backing us up, we had to spend huge pile of our own money to be able to create this album. We also decided cut the costs where ever we could. So we did all the recordings and editing by our selves. And doing that task on top of our daily work took about one year. Then when all the 1600 tracks were recorded, edited and prepared for Johan Örnborg from Fascination Street Studios, he was ready to start working on the mixing (which took also quite a lot of time). But we could be happier about the production.

Crimfall has done also one very nice video for the song Until Falls the Rain which could be find on a brand new effort. Could you tell us something about the background story of this video?

Until Falls the Rain is the last song of the album, apocalyptic ending to Amain. The storm is coming that will challenge all light and warmth of humanity, to judge the deeds and hearts of man. We wanted a video to match the dismal and ruthless feeling in the song, atmosphere of desperation and sadness. It turned out exactly as we wanted.

Crimfall is already promoting the new album by various shows here and there but do you plan to have a huger tour all across Europe? Perhaps with some band as a support or as a supporter act…

We do have some plans! But it is too early to tell you anything about them at the moment. We will update our web page and Facebook site once those plans become reality.

Could you tell us now something about the background stories when it comes to a new album? What kind of stories and tales you have chosen this time.

If our previous work was pretty much a winter album this is leading into the spring. There is certain stench of decay with old ways passing and anticipation of brighter dawns and new truths. One needs to be reborn, shed dead skin of old dogmas. What was held in highest esteem and painted in black and white must now give way to thousand shades of grey. It is a celebration of freedom, from the chains of frost and stagnation.

As a matter of fact Crimfall is a band that has based entire sound on symphonic and epic metal. How do you comment this sudden rising and popularity of folk and epic metal?

I have to say that I don’t follow the scene that much, but it kind of feels that the highest peak of metal music in general has already gone… or it might just be the current state of the music industry it self. Everything feels just a bit harder now than a few years ago.  Or it might be like you said, there are so many bands around there, that is very difficult to stand out. I don’t know.

Speaking about your cover artworks could you tell us a word or two about them? What did you want to express by the visual side of Crimfall like covers, videos, imagine of the band…?

Crimfall has always been very visual band. We want to pay attention to this in all expression of our art, never to do it just half-heartedly. For example with the Amain cover we wanted a piece of painting that would come to life in vinyl, with each paint-stroke visible and vivid. The market for physical copies is declining so the least we can do is offer some value for those who care to support our music the most.

I would like to thank you for this interview. And I hope to see you soon somewhere live.

Thanks, that would be awesome! Don’t hesitate to grab us by the hand to say hello.

  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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