ENSIFERUM Way of the Warrior

If I try to count I think that Ensiferum is one of those bands that I have seen the most times. So, yes they were and still they are very active when it comes to live parties and shows all around Europe and beyond. Now they have a new issue out, their brand new studio album Two Paths. I think that this record is stronger comparing to their previous few records and its closer to From Afar, which was the last record that I really liked. So, definitely we should give a try to a new offering.

Please, could you present your latest offering Two Paths from your point of view? Would you like to compare it with your previous releases?

I would say that Two Paths is a natural step ahead from the previous album One Man Army. We wanted to create an album that sounds as much as possible as a live album and on Two Paths we got really close to that result. Comparing albums to each other is natural but it’s also important to remember that bands move forward and evolve so each album should be seen as independent piece of art.

What is particular fresh and new when it comes to latest issue? What did you try to express by music this time?

Soundwise we brought something fresh (or rotten old? Hah!) to metal today by recording most of the album on tape with as less editing as possible and mixing the whole album on tape also. This way the sound of the album is really rich, dynamic and there is certain kind of presence that digital music is missing.

Our music is always simply music that we love to play and the inspiration comes from real life and obviously what goes on in everyones own life effects the result because we compose and arrange songs together.

The cover artwork for Two Paths is slightly different from previous albums and covers. What would you like to express by the cover this time?

For us it’s important that the visual art is connected to the music and lyrics. The beautiful art of Two Paths was made by Gyula Havancsák and it was great to work with him again. I would say this time we were even more involved with the cover art process and Gyula suggested his ideas and the result is really breathtaking. The cover art represents well the main theme of the album: crossroads of life, choices we make and the prices and results those choices have.

Have you already started to promote a brand new record by shows and do you have already some plans for the forthcoming tour dates?

Yes of course because we love to play live. So there are lots of shows coming up around the world in the years to come. All confirmed gigs can be found from our official website and Facebook page.

When did you start to write a material for a brand new record did you already have in mind some references with musical style or it just run through your mind and fingers?

We are actually writin new material all the time and when we have enough songs for an album then we book a studio. So that’s why there might be songs on the album that were started to compose over five eyars ago and just a year a ago. We are already working with songs for the next album.

How about the lyrical topics and background this time? What kind of topics have your explore this time?

I’ve made a decision to not to explain the lyrics too much because I want every listener to have full freedom of interpretation but Two Paths as a title is so obvious that few words don’t make harm. Two Paths is not a concept album but idea of us making choices all the time and the have short and long-term consequences can be seen most of the songs. All lyrics were inspired by real life and transformed into Ensiferum’s heroic theme. That’s always a nice part of the lyrics writing process.

In fact, I have just seen you at Summer Breeze 2017, and Ensiferum is very well known by touring. But, could you tell us something about your favorite shows? Do you like more regular tour shows or you are enjoying performing at festivals?

That’s true, we love to tour and play live. Of course big festivals are fantastic experiences with thousands of people singing, moshing and having fun but personally I love small sweaty club shows because they are more intimate.

Could you mark some of the most remarkable shows that you have ever done so far? Where’s the best place for playing, who has the most wild audience and fans.

Impossible to name just few shows because every show is unique and meaninful moment in your life. We seem to have crazy audience no matter where we pley, I guess that’s something that unites Ensiferum fans around the world; they come to a concert to have fun! I love how there are massive moshpits, crowdsurfing, wall of deaths but at the same time people are singing along and partying like there is no tomorrow with a smile on their face.

You did a first video for Way of a Warrior track? So, could you tell us why did you choose this particular song to made a video? It already gets just in a few days like over 500,000 views…you have to be indeed satisfied.

Way Of The Warrior seemed to be good single for old fans and also for new people to get somekind of idea of the new album’s soundscape. It’s also quite catchy song so it was obvious song to pick as a video song.
The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive so of course we are happy with it but it will interesting to hear peoples thoughts after the whole album is out.

One of the most remarkable videos that you have ever done was for the song From Afar. Still people like to watch it. Any particular memories when you recorded this one.

Heh, shit loads of mosquitoes! Tha’s the main memory of us spending the whole day in the woods. Anyway, good times, nice memories and most of all great song!

  • Inreview by Marko Miranovic

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