ATTIC A Serpent in the Pulpit

After five long years of silence ATTIC has made a come back with their second offering Sanctimonious. technically speaking they have continue with the style that has marked their debut record The Invocation which wa indeed a great piece of art. But, yet a brand new record Sanctimonious is much more concept album both music-wise and lyrical-wise, its more like a story in a way. I’ve already liked their debut record, so I was just waiting for a new one to arrive. And, of course, finally, we have a chance to present ATTIC to Metal Sound pages!


Hello there, please could you present your latest offering Sanctimonious to our readers? What does this brand new record means to you?

Hello and thank you for your request. Sanctimonious is a Concept album with a complete continuous Story, which takes us in a Convent in the 17th Century, where nothing is, as it seems. The Listener will witness a Horror story full of phoniness, murder and lies. It has over an hour playing time and took us 5 years in the Making.

Also, since this is very first time that we have a chance to do an interview with you please could you present the band? So far you have released two studio albums…

Katte (Guitar) and Meister Cagliostro (Vocals) founded the Band in late 2010. Soon they found Rob as second guitarist, so these are basically the founding members. I joined the Band in early 2012 shortly after their Demo release. First as a replacement for the other Bassist, then as a full member. I had the opportunity to join the writing and recording process for our first full length album “The Invocation”. With this album we did extensive touring and playing a lot of single gigs as well in Serbia in May 2015. In late 2013 we finally got rid of our old drummer and, through a casting, we fortunately found JP on the drums. So we could continue writing “Sanctimonious” and this is the Line Up so far, which we don’t want to change to soon.

In fact, there was a huge period between your two studio records. Something around 5 years. So, why there’s was such a pause between your two records? Any particular reason?

Like I said, we kicked out our old drummer and first had to find a new one, which in the end was JP. So as he joined, we needed to get ready to play live again, which kept us from writing songs. Then we played many gigs. As well for an Album such as Sanctimonious, you need to work on every detail to give the listener a flawless hearing experience. This all accumulated to this long process in the making. But we are glad with the result and think it was worth the time. We wanted to make sure to give Sanctimonious the best circumstances for its birth.

Attic has done also one very nice video for the song The Hound of Heaven which could be find on a brand new effort. Could you tell us something about the background story of this video?

The Song is of course a chapter and a scene of the whole story of Sanctimonious. With the Video we take the storytelling to another level so the listener of the album can imagine the whole horror on another level as well. So if you hear and know the Album in its entirety you will understand the Story told in the video even better. It tells the story about Abbess Margret, who is out to make people pay for their sins. She thinks God himself talks to her and she thinks she sees him every night. She thinks its the right thing to do and so she is not an evil person as such. She is just blinded by christian faith. As sadly many people are in this world.

Attic is already promoting the new album by various shows here and there but do you plan to have a huger tour all across Europe? Perhaps with some band as a support or as a supporter act…

Yes, sure we are. We want to deliver the message and Music of Attic to every single corner in Europe and beyond. We are planning right now and are freshly in a partnership with Redback Promotions, who help us making this plans become reality. We have a few options so far for the beginning and middle of the next year, but of course I can’t tell you about the details yet since nothing is signed yet as well. But we will definitely let the Fans know as soon as possible, and be sure we want to come to eastern Europe as well.

Could you tell us now something about the background stories when it comes to a new album? What kind of horror like stories and tales you have chosen this time.

As I mentioned in the first question, The Story takes place in an old Convent in the year 1687. You would expect a peaceful christian atmosphere here, but nothing is at it seems. The listener will get to know four main characters, who will guide him through the old walls of which has once been a place to find sanctuary in God. We will see death, murder and utter Horror.

Attic’s debut album was released back in 2012 The Invocation. Already it has received quite a lot of good reviews. What could you tell us now about this record from this perspective?

Well, that’s an interesting question. We actually are still very glad with the result and I think we delivered a good debut. The Invocation opened us a lot of opportunities to grow and play live. We received overwhelming reviews, written and verbal on every single gig.  We even recorded Sanctimonious under the same circumstances as its predecessor. Still there were some issues with the sound (mainly drums) which we adjusted and so we learned from the first album and its recordings. So for now, Sanctimonious is the best possible result, Attic can deliver at this time and its a blast. We grew a lot within the past five years as a band but as well as persons and as friends, and you can hear this maturing process on Sanctimonious as well in every detail. So the third album will as well again be a huge step forward, and “The Invocation” paved the way for that. We owe that Album and especially Ván Records a lot for making so much possible.

As a matter of fact Attic is a band that has based entire sound on traditional metal. How do you comment this sudden rising and popularity of traditional heavy metal?

“The cult is alive” haha. No, but seriously, I don’t know where this popularity comes from and had its origin. We are just fortunate to be a German band these days. Germany and Scandinavia, especially Sweden are the best places right now to start up with this kind of music. There will be other trends in the future, as there were in the past with Thrash for example. We were very lucky to start up in that time, a little before this trend (and the worship for the occult as well) started to become big business. So we were ready to play live when there was the most attention. So basically you can say, we were there before the beginning, and we will definitely be there after the end.

Speaking about your cover artworks could you tell us a word or two about them? What did you want to express by the visual side of Attic like covers, videos, imagine of the band…?

The Front Cover was supposed to show exactly, what the story is about: “A Convent where nothing is as it seems.” And mighty Markus Vesper, who as well drew the Cover artwork for our first Album, managed to masterful capture that special impression. You’ll see a peaceful situation and you have to have a closer look to see that in the two nuns in the background are about to prepare something, as a result of the happenings within these Walls. Markus Vesper later told us it was the most difficult cover, he has ever drawn. Beyond the Cover on the inside, and in the Booklet, you will find Illustrations drawn by Misanthropic-Arts. The illustrations show the main content of every single song. Plus there is a map of the convent where the listener can see where the crimes and intrigues take place, where the whole life and story of the nuns takes place. If you add the backside artwork (again by Vesper) we have 13 different drawings for the album, which tell you the story of Sanctimonious and help to understand what horror happened there back in 1687.

I would like to thank you for this interview. And I hope to see you soon somewhere live.

Thank you as well and we will definitely see each other, when we desecrate Serbia in the Future!!

  • Answers by Chris (Bass)
  • Interview by Marko Miranovic

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