a3468359077_10Finnish heroes of folk metal Ensiferum are back with their seventh full length entitled Two Paths but there are not crossroads or different paths to be found on this offering – Ensiferum are firmly continuing down the path they have set decades ago now. Folk metal of their ilk has been true boom some time ago, the scene was filled to the brim with similar bands but now it has largely faded away and only the best bands remained. The fact that Ensiferum is in that group probably gave them the notion that what they are doing is right so after slightly experimental 2012’s Unsung Heroes they have returned the drakkar on tried and true course with 2015’s One Man Army so that trend is continued with Two Paths. There is really nothing new under the Sun that you will meet here, so approach this album according to what you feel about Ensiferum. I happen to like their way of composing music so I do not have bigger problems with what is on display here. One minor minus in my eyes are corny lyrics in For Those About To Fight For Metal, I do not like when Ensiferum has those party moments that get them dangerously close to bands like Korpiklaani but they seem to that in every album (take Two of Spades from the previous album for example). Luckily Ensiferum know how to measure those moments in small doses so they does not take away from the entire picture that much – they do not approach the seriousness of bands like Moonsorrow or Primordial but sill Two Paths sound solid enough and without many cringe worthy moments. All in all, Two Paths is Ensiferum we all came to love – personally I would like them to take some risks like on Unsung Heroes but I also like good written music without big philosophies which this album exactly is. New tours are about to start so the reign of Ensiferum is not likely to end soon…

  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)
  • Metal Blade Records CD

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