paradiselostmedusacdMedusa could stand as a squeal to A Plague Within. More or less both records have the similar music base and idea so I guess that one could listen these two records in continuity. Both albums have significant touch from earlier PL career, but as far as I can notice Meduse is even more based on traditional PL stuff such as Shades of God. Furthermore, some riffs completely will bring you back into ancient time of Shades of God (1992) or even legendary Gothic (1991). I mean just go and check out track entitled Frozen Illusions and you will find of what I am talking about. Morover, I’ve just recently notice that there’s a growing interest in the band lately. If I compare their performance at Wacken back in 2012 ,and now in 2017, it seems that there were much more people waiting for PL in 2017 to deliver their dark emotional tunes upon the gathered crowd.

In fact Medusa is like a traveling back to the roots and (glorious) past since there are passages from different albums, but more or less, most of the songs have this old school vibe. Some songs are catchier, I guess like Blood and Chaos, while others are more doom or death like or both. But, anyway, there’s a strange, emotional tune in each song, something that built the strong structure around the entire record. I guess that a track called From the Gallows is the most welcome example from where the ideas and formulas came from. As a matter of fact, Medusa is the answer how PL could sound 25-26 years after their most important monuments Gothic and Shades of God. Moreover, Medusa is the answer to the world that exists today (all its fears, failed ambitions). We could think that it’s the best place that mankind has built thus far, but there’s something deeply wrong.

Anyway, I would that a brand new issue is better comparing to A Plague Within (2015) which was a great record, but not good as a newer one. Medusa has something that its like a magnetic feeling. Anyway, I’ve already seen PL during 2017 two times and I’m more than eager to see them at least once again while they will promote latest studio album. Favorite track: No Passage for the Dead.

  • Marko Miranovic (8)
  • Nuclear Blast CD

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